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Churches in Nagaland celebrate Easter Sunday

By EM Bureau Updated: Apr 04, 2021 9:29 pm
Nehlal Simte performs baptism to youth members on the occasion of Easter Sunday celebration.

EM Bureau
Kohima/ Dimapur, April 4 (EMN):
Churches in different parts of Nagaland celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

In Kohima, the St. Francis de Sales (SFS) parish celebrated Easter Sunday to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ with religious fervour on Sunday at Kohima town. Two English and one Angami masses were celebrated on the occasion of Easter following the Easter Vigil on Saturday at the parish.

Rev. Fr. Gabriel Gaikhang, assistant priest of St. Francis de Sales, while delivering his homily during the Angami mass as the main celebrant, reminded the faithful to “live out” what they have experienced or heard through the Gospel during the Holy Week.

He narrated about Jesus who did not only preached, but washed the feet of the Apostles, shown His love and care for the people before finally dying on the cross.

Reminding about Jesus’ triumph over sin and death through His resurrection, the priest called upon the believers to reflect their lives upon the death of Jesus with ‘a life filled with love and service of God and others, and a life that has conquered our sinful attitude and habits’.

He said that the celebration of Easter is greater than all other feasts in the Church because “the resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our faith,” adding that the “greatest miracle” was His own resurrection amongst all the miracles and wonders that He had performed during His earthly life.

“His own resurrection proves that He is God,” Gaikhang said, adding that the rising from the dead is a sign that Jesus is “divine”.

“I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, even if dies, will still live,” the priest quoted the words of Jesus, reminding the devotees that the “celebration of Easter guarantees our own resurrection those who believe in Jesus.”

Gaikhang also explained that the celebration of Easter is significant as it “gives us hope and encouragement.” He shared that the risen Lord assures His protection, guidance and direction to us despite we live in hatred, sorrowful, struggling and tearful world.

Rev. Fr. Richard Fernandes and Rev. Fr. Gabriel Gaikhang administer the holy communion at St. Francis de Sales on Easter Sunday in Kohima town.

“Jesus is present with us all the time, especially when we celebrate the holy Eucharist and pray together in the Church,” he said, adding, “God is present mostly in a touchable way especially in the blessed Sacrament”.

After celebrating the Easter as a “resurrected people, we are not supposed to be lying buried in our tomb of sins,” the celebrant said, reminding, “We need to live our life peacefully, joyfully and constantly experiencing that there is a Lord in our daily life’s events”.

Calling the faithful to live in “God’s presence daily,” he said, “We need to live our life in the presence of the risen Jesus in us always”. “We need to live our life with the awareness that Jesus is within us,” he said.

Later during the mass, the priest sprinkled holy water upon the faithful symbolising the “baptismal promises and forgiveness of sins”. The sermon was translated into Tenyidie by Jerry.

Peleneizo Joseph read from the Acts of the Apostles (10:34a, 37-43) while Yokrole Agnes read the Letter of Saint Paul to the Colossians (3:1-4) in the order during the service.

Ketoulesieü Irene led the “Prayer of the faithful”; Vilasalie James, senior catechist conducted the morning prayer while Keneiselie Clement led the service.

Catholics across the world solemnly commemorated the significant events such as Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, the Passion of Jesus on Good Friday and the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

NCTC: Students and faculty of New Creation Theological Seminary (NCTS), Dimapur, shared the Easter joy with gifts for the patients, doctors, nurses and staff of District Hospital Dimapur on April 4.

An update from the seminary stated that the visit was an eye opener for both the theological students and the patients who shared their love, prayers and praises for the risen Lord. The students witnessed the holistic approach of the hospital management and the excellent infrastructure and hygienic environment, which was the need of the hour especially in Dimapur.

The update added that it was a joy to communicate with the doctors and staff, who are selflessly sacrificing in the healing missions.

Meanwhile, the seminary has conveyed gratitude to the hospital authority for allowing them to witness Easter with the medical professionals and the patients.

St Francis Xavier Church: St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church observed the Easter vigil by undertaking candlelight procession led by its parish priest Rev. Fr. Siby John from Ezalo to the church premises on April 3.

Rev. Fr. John Poji, administrator of MSW College, Dimapur, was the speaker on Easter Sunday. In his homily, Poji encouraged the faithful to fill with peace, joy and happiness with the resurrection of Christ forever in the hearts, family and wherever they go.

Stating that the risen Lord had conquered the evil and forgave people’s sin, he urged the faithful to walk and manifest the light of Christ Jesus and to surrender their burden to the risen Jesus who overcame the death.

Meanwhile, the parish priest recalled saint Paul’s hope, faith and love for the Christian life. He stated that the light of Christ was the divine light for those who believed.

Baptism, renewal of baptism, blessing of holy water, sprinkle of holy water to faithful, sacrament of reconciliation with God, blessing of new fire, reading the words of God, enchanting of gloria, eucharist celebration followed with fellowship meal were the highlights of the celebration.

KCC Jalukie: Kuki Christian Church (KCC) at Jalukie celebrated the Good Friday and Easter Sunday for the first time since its inception with religious fervour by following the Covid-19 safety norms.

An update from KCC worship and youth affairs secretary, Seiminngam Chongloi, stated that special programme was arranged on Good Friday which included Bible reading, choreography, praise and worship and lenkhom presented by the youth and concluded with a feast.

The Easter Sunday celebration was marked with baptism of the youth members to strengthen their faith in Christ. Nehlal Simte, pastor of KCC Jalukie, delivered the sermon and concluded with the holy communion.

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