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Church to candidate and voter: Do not forget God

By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2018 12:37 am

ABAM, SKK put in one for ‘clean,’ honourable voting

Dimapur, Feb. 8 (EMN): A church organisation has a word for candidates seeking election to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly, and for voters who will be voting for them: Remember your God, and the faith that brought you the light of Christ and his salvation—and a place for you in the world out from the ignorance and bloodshed of primitive realities.
The Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM) and the Ao Baptist Pastors’ Fellowship (ABPF) issued on Thur. a joint statement appealing to the people of Nagaland to cast their vote founded on the truth of God.
“The Good News of Jesus Christ brought a new light and identity to the Naga people who were living an unhealthy lifestyle, caught in tribal warfare, and ignorant about the outside world,” the organisation stated.
“The impact of Christianity among the Naga people, particularly among the Ao tribe, has enabled us to make our presence known in the global community and to reach out to all corners of the world. Nobody can deny this witness of truth and mighty acts of God among the Nagas.”
As Nagaland goes to its 13th general elections, ‘every believer must pray and commit to be guided by the light and truth of God.’
The ABAM and the ABPF have set a challenge before candidates and voters:
To the candidates, the church organisations reminded that the “stature that you have attained today is all due to the light that Christianity brought to our land. We impress upon you to remain grounded in the foundation of God’s truth.”
The statement also had a word for ‘believers.’ “We call upon all believers to be guided by God’s truth and exercise your birth right and sacred vote by electing leaders who fear and respect God, love the people, and have a vision for the society.”
Similarly, the church organisations placed a word of caution before what they called elements that are working against the Christian faith.
‘A word of caution to individuals / groups that are working against Christian faith, other religious minorities, and secular values: Many forces in the state today are working to destroy the light and truth of Christian faith by spreading fear, persecuting Christians, vandalizing worship places and properties, even to the extent of killing Christian missionaries and clergy.
‘We should emphatically denounce these forces and avoid cooperating with them in any way.’
The organisations added that all the Ao churches should continue to pray ceaselessly and ask God to ‘stop the plans of forces that are working to undermine Christian faith in our land.’
SKK lists activities pledging to ‘clean’ elections
The All Sumi Students’ Union (SKK) has lined up a number of activities that would form a part of its commitment to the movement for ‘clean’ elections. The SKK issued a press release on Thur. informing about its almanac for the assembly elections.
The organisation referred to resolutions that were stated to have been undertaken during a meeting of the “Achipiu Mlahnni Amikuccho Kikishe – Akütsü Mqo” (Sumi for ‘mission doing right – clean election – apex core implementation committee) on Jan. 22 at the SKK Ki in Zunheboto.
The group’s units are asked to ensure a number of actions: A white flag signifying ‘clean election’ be hoisted at every house who have pledged to be part of the Clean Election campaign; all the villages, towns and constituency-level CICs in Zunheboto district are directed to prepare own action plans in accordance with ‘local requirements’ basing on the Sumi Misshi xakütha and CIC Pimhezah that was passed during a general rally on April 12 2017 at Zunheboto.
“For effective implementation of the action plan, respective CICs shall mobilise volunteers drawn from Sümi Totimi Hoho, local students’ unions and church youth.
“To enable all candidates to share their manifesto and objectives with the public, a common platform shall be organised on February 15, 2018 by the respective unit CICs, at the respective constituency headquarters. (A copy of the candidates’ manifesto and objectives shall be submitted to the apex CIC),” the press release stated.
‘Sümi churches associations shall organise prayer chains till the polling day,’ it added.

By EMN Updated: Feb 09, 2018 12:37:16 am