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Church group paves way for unemployed youths

By EMN Updated: Oct 21, 2019 10:47 pm

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Dimapur, Oct. 21 (EMN): A church group has taken an initiative leading the way to impacting and creating livelihood opportunities for youths through a training programme called ‘Canaan Yutech,’ a skill development project that aims to provide free professional training.
The idea of the programme is to help mitigate unemployment issues besides creating a sustainable economy where youths can stand for themselves.

Inaugurated on December 1 2018, with its office located near the jubilee tower in Thahekhu village of Dimapur, the church group is Canaan Yutech, managed by the department of youth ministry of the Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (WSBAK).

Acting secretary of the youth department N Suhuto Chishi explained Canaan Yutech to be a platform not just to learn skills but to help use the skills.

Once their training is complete, Canaan Yutech provides job opportunities to the trainees to work the group to sharpen their skills as professionals.

Emphasising on the role of church in this modern and fast changing world, Chishi believes it is noble for a church to start participating in community building especially at times like this when unemployment is one of the biggest problems today. Youths are losing their responsibilities both morally and spiritually, the youth leader said.

Chishi said Canaan Yutech was initiated with a purpose to teach, train and empower young people about fulfilling their responsibilities in the family and the society in general. It is a platform where an aspiring youth can avail the opportunity to learn, earn and grow.

Marketing manager of Canaan Yutech, Amughato Y Awomi said the trainees are given free professional training in the areas of plumbing, electrical work, hair dressing, painting and AC repairs.

‘We have four youths in plumbing, five youths as electricians, six in hair dressing and two in AC repair works. All of them are professionally trained and are currently working in the group on a three-year mutual contract,’ Awomi said. He said that the trainees had been paid their wages since the starting period of their training. The contract on the other hand is mutual, between the trainee and Yutech. It can be ended anytime once the trainees are ready to be professionally independent.

A major outcome through the project is the establishment of a saloon called ‘Juvi’ at Thahekhu village where the six trained hair dressers now work as full time employees.

Today, since the start of Canaan Yutech in 2018, it has helped produce 21 professional youths in said professions, who are now working with them and supporting themselves.

By EMN Updated: Oct 21, 2019 10:47:32 pm
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