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‘Church could have bridged the gap and united the odds’

By EMN Updated: Jan 29, 2017 10:25 pm

WSBAK lays Resource Centre foundation stone at Nihokhu

Y. Kikheto Sema with WSBAK officials after laying the foundation stone.
Y. Kikheto Sema with WSBAK officials after laying the foundation stone.


Dimapur, Jan. 29: Talking about the current scenario between the state government and civil societies, secretary of Land Resources, Y. Kikheto Sema (IAS), said in such a confronting situation the church could have played an important role in bridging the gap and uniting the odds.

He lamented that the role of the church was found ‘wanting’ in this situation. He added that prayer alone is not enough if one does not act upon prayers.

Kikheto also referred to the Naga society as the ‘Biblical Tower of Babel’ with so many differences and contradictory views. “Even Article 371 (A) is being interpreted differently by lawyers of separate entities. We do not know which one is correct and confused,” he added.

He opined that men and women should come together and sort out the issue in a positive manner by understanding each other.

Stating that a nation without a vision perishes, Kikheto appealed the people to continuously pray for quality leaders
for the Nagas.

Also speaking about the three institutions set by God namely; family, government and the church that forms a society, he said the positive and effective functioning of the latter two depended on the family since members of the government and church first comes from a family.

“If a family is good then the other two institutions would also be good and so we should go back to our family and start positive changes from within,” he added.

Drawing references from Romans 13:1 of the Bible, Kikheto said people need to respect the government and in the same way, the government should also respect the views of its people for whom it is being institutionalized.

Kikheto who is also the chairman, Board of Deacons of Sumi Baptist Church Kohima, was speaking after unveiling
the foundation stone of

Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Kuqhakulu (WSBAK) Resource Centre, which was laid at Nihokhu village on January 28.

Speaking about the purpose of the resource centre, executive secretary WSBAK, Rev. Dr. Hevukhu Achumi said that the centre would be used for conducting conferences, mass gatherings, church leaders’ training etc.

He said that the land measuring 70 acres was acquired from Nihokhu village at a nominal rate and thanked the landowners for understanding the need of the church.

The foundation stone laying programme was attended by a host of WSBAK staff, GBs and leaders of the area.

By EMN Updated: Jan 29, 2017 10:25:00 pm