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Chumukedima public serves September 7 deadline to SBI

By EMN Updated: Sep 04, 2013 12:13 am


PATIENCE of the customers of the Chumukedima branch of State Branch of India is running out. The bank suddenly shut down on August 14 allegedly on demand of extortion money by miscreants.
The sudden shut down for the past three weeks has the irked public to the extent that a September 7 has been set as deadline to resume functioning of the office failing which the public would be compelled to agitate.The closure of the SBI Chumukedima Branch has moved organizations including the Chumukedima Welfare Committee, Chumukedima Chamber of Commerce and Trade Association, Head GBs of Chumukedima Town and Chumukedima Town Youth Organisation and they have appealed the authority for immediate reopening of the office.
The organizations stated that the sudden closure of the SBI branch since August 14 has greatly affected the public particularly the salaried persons from Nagaland Armed Police Training Centre, Police Training School, 1st NAP Battalion, 13 NAP (IR), Police Engineering Project. It said educational institutions such as National Institute of Technology, five colleges and more than 20 schools within the town have also been affected. They claimed that transaction activities as arranged at Purana Bazaar branch has caused lots of inconvenience to the public since they have to cover a distance of about 8 kms.
Meanwhile, Chumukedima Town Youth Organisation has, in a letter to the Chief General Manager, SBI Local Head Office, said the closure of the bank without caring to inform the local administration and customers was not only unreasonable but also unacceptable.
“It is the declared policy of your bank as contained in the Citizen’s Charter of State Bank of India that satisfied customer is the important factor for growth of its business, but here in Chumukedima your local management had deliberately bid goodbye to the declared policy of the State Bank of India,” the Organisation president, Vibu Medoze, said.
Assuring its cooperation for smooth functioning of the office, the youth organization has appealed to the SBI authority to take immediate step for reopening of the branch office at the earliest.

By EMN Updated: Sep 04, 2013 12:13:45 am