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Chümoukedima village clarifies on erroneous terms for landmarks

By EMN Updated: Jun 29, 2019 9:24 pm

Dimapur, June 29 (EMN): Chümoukedima Village Council (CVC) has issued clarification on erroneous use of terms for landmarks and places within its jurisdiction, which are of historical significance and represent the heritage and traditional domain of the village.

CVC, in a press release issued by its chairman Razouvotuo Chatsu, was baffled by the incongruous attitude of the district administration on such pertinent matters despite repeated appeals and requests to successive Deputy Commissioners to redress the errors.

It strongly took exception to the use of Khuokhi River Bridge as ‘Kukidolong,’ New Chümoukedima village to ‘Pakala Pahar,’ Chathe River Bridge to ‘Patkai Bridge.’

The council cautioned that it would not tolerate the use of pseudo terms and slangs for its landmarks adding use of such terms would be considered as an insult to its ancestral and traditional heritage which would invite further course of action.

The council also appealed the Deputy Commissioner to immediately redress the matter including the erroneous spelling ‘Chumukedima’ to that of ‘Chümoukedima’ as the district headquarter in the officials letterhead of the DC office.

While extending support to the ongoing four lane Highway construction, the council appealed the NHIDCL and NCSU and other construction firms engaged in the construction to recognise the history and heritage of Chümoukedima by using the correct and appropriate terms and names to avoid misunderstanding and animosity.

It further appealed the public to respect the heritage and history passed down by its ancestors by avoiding usage of pseudo names and identifying landmarks by its correct and original terms.


By EMN Updated: Jun 29, 2019 9:24:50 pm