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Christmas musical event held at Kohima

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 21, 2016 9:06 pm

The Christmas spirit of warmth and joy filled the air of Kohima town with Christmas songs and music resounding the town as people sipped their coffee and sang along the beats.
Two young guys dressed as Santa Claus greeting every passing car and commuters a Merry Christmas brought cheer and warmth among the people.
To instil in the minds of the citizens of Kohima the true essence of celebrating Christmas – the birth of Jesus Christ, the Adults Ministry of Faith Harvest Church (AMPLIFY) has organised a musical event on the theme ‘Believe… to rekindle the joy and the wonder of Christmas’ at Old NST, Kohima this evening.
The concept note by the organiser stated that it has for many years observed something amiss among the community in Kohima before Christmas – a drop in the atmosphere where people seem to have lost the excitement, wonder and joy of Christmas.
Feeling a deep concern and a sense of responsibility as a church body, it said it has rise up to do something to usher one of the most important and meaningful times of the year for Christians of coming together in joyful expression of unity celebration and reverence.
The songs were followed by sharing the word of God and prayer.
Various churches and denominations participated in the event.
Our Correspondent

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 21, 2016 9:06:58 pm