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Christmas Eve tragedy leaves 3 dead, 5 injured in Dimapur

By EMN Updated: Dec 28, 2014 12:19 am

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IN a tragic incident that shook the people of Nagaland, the Ao community in particular, a drunken man driving an Etios Liva car hit a group of people who were going for Christmas carol killing three on the spot while injuring five others. The incident took place near Sub Urban police station tri-junction at around 3.35 pm on December 24. The accused driver, identified as Ravi Meeng, an Adivasi, has been arrested.
The deceased have been identified as Purtula (60) from Yaonyimsen village, Zungalemla (Achila) (70) from Mopungchuket village and Noklenchuba from Akhoya village. All the three were residents of Kevijua Colony. The five injured have been identified as Y. Alima (56), wife of A. Imkong, of Mongchan village, Imnasenla, daughter of Rongsenkokba, of Molong Kimong village, Imsurenla (24), daughter of Lamung, of Mopungchuket village, Rongsenlemla, wife of Temsusangba, of Worumong village and Lanukumla (62), wife of Talimeren, of Yaoyimsen village – all residents of Kevijua Colony.
Additional SP and PRO Dimapur, in a release on Saturday said, the driver during the course of enquiry admitted that he hit some pedestrians at Sub Urbad police station junction and fled the spot towards West Yard Colony, Dimapur.
The driver said he along with his wife and two minor children went to Dhobinalla from Thilixu village for treatment to a pharmacy. He left his wife and one kid at the pharmacy as there was no parking space and drove the vehicle along with his one kid towards Living Stone School. On his way he contributed some Christmas donation at Assamese church.
While returning he met his friend Santosh Das and then they together went towards Signal road tinali and drank alcohol at Bengali Hotel.
From there Santosh drove the vehicle and hit a motor cycle. After this incident, he slowed down the vehicle and handed it over to Ravi Meeng before leaving for unknown destination.
On the way, the arrested accused Ravi Meeng hit one autorickshaw and a culvert. After hitting the culvert, he again started his vehicle and while trying to avoid hitting at a rickshaw coming from opposite direction he hit at the Christmas carol party who were on the other side of the road, leaving three pedestrians dead and injuring another five persons. He then fled the spot but was chased and caught at Westyard Colony where he was beaten by the public. They also damaged to the vehicle.
Additional SP and PRO Chinese Chakhesang told Eastern Mirror that the incident happened because of drunk driving.
A mass funeral was performed at Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo (DABA) on Christmas Day after the devotional service.
The owner of the vehicle, parliamentary secretary for irrigation & flood control and election Y. Vikheho Swu, saddened by the tragic incident reportedly visited the bereaved families and the injured.
Both parties amicably settle the issue
The victims’ families and the owner of the vehicle during a meeting at Ao Senso Telongjem Dimapur (ASTD) treasurer’s residence at Khermahal, with ASTD officials as the mediator, amicably settled the issue on the principle of ‘forgive and forget’.
During the meeting, the ASTD members and Y. Vikheho Swu along with his colleagues jointly resolved that the arrested driver should not be bailed out by anybody and his driving license be instantly cancelled. They also resolved that he should leave Nagaland the day he is released from the jail or after completion of sentence.
It was also resolved that that the owner of the vehicle will instantly contact the ASTD as and when he is released from jail.

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