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Friday, February 23, 2024

Chizami Students’ Union holds general session, elects new team

By EMN Updated: Dec 27, 2023 7:48 pm
Chizami Students' Union

DIMAPUR — The 77th general session of Chizami Students’ Union (CSU) was held on December 22 at Chizami village on the theme ‘Re-imagining education’ and was attended by around 600 people, including representatives from 12 student unions.

According to a press release, in her presidential address, Khrolhiwe-u Tsuhah reflected on her two-year tenure and acknowledged the challenges faced during this period. Also, she congratulated achievers from various fields and emphasised the importance of constructive dialogue and collective action to address students’ well-being.

She highlighted CSU’s various initiatives, including the Ecosystem Restoration Initiative, the initiation of Chizami Library-cum-union building construction, the review of the CSU constitution, environmental initiatives like the Clean Chizami Competition 2022, marking the Chizami Year of Sanitation 2023, Himalayan Clean Up, and educational projects like Mapumo Seta and the inter-unit literary competition.

The event featured reports from the general secretary, education secretary, and finance secretary. Additionally, awards were distributed to honorees and dignitaries, and CSU’s annual magazine ‘Aliferous’ was released.

Medovi Rhi, president of the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF), praised CSU’s role in NSF and emphasised the importance of self-reliance and transformative education, stating that students have the power to shape communities and that everyone must play a pivotal role.

Vekhosu Nyekha, Chakhesang Students’ Union’s social and cultural secretary, lauded CSU’s initiatives and encouraged students to look beyond bookish knowledge and government jobs to achieve their goals.

In her speech, Kezunyipeu Lasuh, deputy development commissioner, Planning and Transformation department, emphasised the importance of discipline, respecting elders, and informal education. She stressed the importance of not relying solely on teachers and parents for personal development.

Lasuh also highlighted the importance of language preservation, helping one another, and the benefits that come from mutual support. Addressing the issue of unemployment, she advised people to use their skills wisely and avoid idleness.

The union assembly election that followed culminated in the selection of a new students’ union executive council for the tenure of 2024–2025. The team would be led by Rukewete K Edemi.

The cultural session had the theme ‘Bringing indigenous culture and education’ and included competitions in oral folktale ‘Edimi Se’ and indigenous folk dance among the six khels of Chizami.

Tshelhiu, EAC Mon, the event’s speaker, stressed the revival of traditions such as weaving and addressed the impact of technology on mental health.

According to her, students, elders, and communities play a pivotal role in preserving culture, identity, and heritage, as well as fostering relationships. This requires a combined effort from all, she said, while encouraging hard work, study, and a commitment to making the community proud. She also urged perseverance, faith, and prioritising God in all endeavours.

By EMN Updated: Dec 27, 2023 7:48:39 pm
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