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Monday, March 04, 2024
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Chingkhei Hunba Polo Club wins 17th State Equestrian Championships

By Sobhapati Samom Updated: Feb 07, 2024 10:04 pm
Equestrian Championships
Riders in action during the tent pegging lance competition at the Manipuri Pony Breeding Farm in Lamphelpat.

IMPHAL — The 17th Ningthoukhongjam Tombi State Equestrian Championships, organised by the Manipur Equestrian Association, concluded at the Manipuri Pony Breeding Farm in Lamphelpat on Wednesday. It commenced on January 28.

In the championships, which saw participation from 14 equestrian clubs of the state, represented by a total of 137 riders, forming 23 teams, Chingkhei Hunba Polo Club emerged as the overall winner, with Imphal Riding Club securing the runner-up title.

A notable addition to the championships this year is the inclusion of Arambai Target Throw and Arambai Distance Throw events. It is worth mentioning that Arambai, a traditional dart weapon used by Meetei cavalry soldiers in ancient times, was first introduced at the 1999 National Games held in Imphal.

The championships featured show jumping events for junior boys, women’s, and senior men’s categories. Additionally, the tent pegging lance individual competitions were held for the junior boys, women’s, and senior men’s divisions. The tent pegging sword individual event specifically took place for senior men’s participants. In the team event, tent pegging lance competitions were conducted for both men’s and women’s teams.

Speaking at the event, the director of DIPR, Dr. Th Charanjeet Singh, recalled the traditional sports involving Manipuri ponies, highlighting their historical significance alongside their versatility for various tasks. He commended the young riders for their remarkable performances, especially noting their dedication to preserving tradition during challenging circumstances.

In his presidential address, Deleep Singh emphasised the significant challenge of preserving Manipuri Ponies in modern times. He expressed optimism, stating that their participation instilled new hope for the survival of the ponies.

Golap Boruah, chairman of the North East Indigenous People’s Forum, highlighted in his speech that the indigenous sports and spirit of competition, which have persisted for thousands of years, position Manipur as a prominent leader in the Northeastern region.

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By Sobhapati Samom Updated: Feb 07, 2024 10:04:48 pm
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