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Children trained in paper bag-making

By EMN Updated: Sep 11, 2018 11:44 pm

Dimapur, Sep. 11 (EMN): With an aim hone the innate talent of the young children, trainings on paper-bag making exercise was conducted for the young children in Dimapur. In the first programme, a two day training programme on paper bags was conducted with the Informal Education for Marginalised Children (IEMC) and Community Education Centre School (CECS) at CEC Kuda village Nagarjan on Sep. 6 and 7, while a one day training on paper bags was conducted at Rotary Club Dimapur on Sep. 8 which was organised by Dimapur Municipal Council in Collaboration with CAN Youth, Community Education Centre and Rotary Club, Dimapur.

The master trainers from CAN Youth were Marina and Alice who were assisted by Ekhumnaro.
Press release received here informed that the CAN Youth Secretary, Zhove Lohe, while sharing on the importance of keeping a clean environment, deeply lamented that due to human activities, plastic pollution has destroyed the entire environment.

Lohe said that in order to protect and preserve and take ownership, the fundamental duties and responsibilities, one needs to promote paper bags for eco-friendly and livelihood for better environment and better society.

Posing the trainees one the question, what’s next? Lohe questioned what party they, the trainees, would play the role to promote paper bags for eco-friendly in the market to take place and what roles they would undertake in bringing about change in the society mindset to minimise the usage of plastics in the society.

The President of the Rotary Club Dimapur, Dr. Agarwal, in his short speech, stressed on the importance of environment and that the state government were soon to launch the free plastic zone and therefore, asked all the trainees to take advantage on making paper bags to towards the promotion of an eco-friendly environment.
Overall 80 trainees were participated on training program.

By EMN Updated: Sep 11, 2018 11:44:55 pm