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Childline Dimapur launches project for charitable giving

By Our Reporter Updated: Dec 02, 2020 10:31 pm
Childline officals along with dignitaries after the launch of “I care to give” project at Tourist Lodge in Dimapur on December 2.

Our Reporter
Dimapur, Dec. 2 (EMN):
Childline Dimapur in collaboration with Prodigals’ Home on Wednesday launched ‘I care to give,’ a project aimed at teaming up with individuals, groups and institutions to pool in resources and pass it on to underprivileged people in dire need of the same.

Speaking at the launching programme at Tourist Lodge in Dimapur, Lozua Kape, centre coordinator, Childline Dimapur, said that they started the project in order to inculcate the culture of giving when you have extra. She said that there are many rich people who want to give but ‘do not know how or whom to give.’

She also shared that the project is to teach children to give something that they can share so that the underprivileged can be happy because of a small act of humanity and care. She also stated that the act of sharing could prevent many crimes, ‘as there are children who start stealing from pen or pencil and grows into a habit.’

“Let’s pray and extend our help and may be that could bring a smile to someone’s face,” she added.

She also informed that since 2011, they have taken more than 2600 cases.
“We call our state a Christian state but there have been so many cases taken by Childline and besides there are so many cases which go unreported,” she said.

Director of Prodigals’ Home, K Ela sharing about the journey of Childline Dimapur said that it has been a ‘journey of challenges, frustrations, hope, laughter but mostly a journey of tears as many times they have to rescue children who are living in a very difficult situation.’

“The journey is a mixture of everything but at the end of the day as we look back from 2011 till date we are so grateful and thank God for the many people who have helping to the team of Childline,” she said.

“There are so many stories that we cannot even share or tell but I just want to say Childline has rescued the life of so many children and I am sure there are many children out there whose hearts are filled with gratitude to everyone who have supported our mission,” she said.

N Husheli Sema, retired principal Secretary and APC, former deputy commissioner of Dimapur and first chairperson of Childline Dimapur Advisory Board (CAB), stated that sometimes,’we as Christian state are not so giving but closed up in our own comfort zones.’

She also suggested that not only the government agencies but even the churches need to contribute in small ways.

Jesse Yeptho, secretary of the department of Christian Education Ministry also said that the project will bring smile and joy in the faces of so many children who are in need.

Program Manager of State Child Protection Society (SCPS) Kohima also shared that this project is an opportunity for all of us to exercise the instinct of humanity.

Vitono Gugu Haralu, founder of Pathfinder, also urged everyone to join hands together and be a part of the Childline family saying that ‘this is not the end but if you believe in the conviction we can make and do something different.’

By Our Reporter Updated: Dec 02, 2020 10:31:25 pm