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Chiechama villagers sensitized about civil rights

By EMN Updated: Aug 23, 2013 11:46 pm


As part of various district tour civil rights awareness programme the Civil Rights Crusader conducted civil rights awareness at DIET Chiechama on August 22 attended by the teaching faculty and trainee teachers of DIET, students, youth and various church members of Chiechama village. In regard to the complaint against the present practices of KMC parking fee collection in Kohima town, the team replied that the Nagaland Voluntary Consumers’ Organisation (NVCO) has submitted a representation to the Deputy Commissioner, Kohima with an appeal and demanded that the district administration and CEO KMC must stop the present practices of KMC parking fee collection in Kohima town till such time proper facilities/amenities with security can be provided to the payer
The team asked the people to be patient for some time and give reasonable time to let the district administration and KMC as service provider to consider the grievances of public.
The team said the complaint of the citizens about the collection of parking fees by KMC in all the main roads without providing any services and the Kohima citizens continue to pay the fees reluctantly is absurd.
The team also requested the students’ union to create more awareness about expired goods sold in their village jurisdiction and the police harassment by way of collecting cash at the check-gates.
It also asked them to be vigilant about the various schemes for the villagers and deduction of ‘percentages’ on the project amount meant for infrastructural development within village jurisdiction so as to complete the project with quality work.
The team along with Chiechama Students’ Union executives had a good time of interaction at the Tourist village of Tuophema.
Kezhokhoto Savi, Ms Kavi Jakhalu, Meribemo Lotha, Supongchiten Tzudir, Ms Vesakholu Hoshi, Thejasetuo Keditsu and Ms Nukshinaro Pongen spoke as resource persons covering topics: legal services authority – free legal aid to the poor 7 Lok Adalak, envirornment, right to food and human rights, consumer rights, women and child’s right, domestic violence, medical negligence, illegal taxation, etc.
The legal education seminar was chaired by Ms Kevizakie-u Rupreo and the invocation prayer was pronounced by Keviletuo Sopfu assistant pastor CRC Chiechama.

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