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‘Character a tool to build solutions for society’

By Temshinaro Updated: May 13, 2016 12:12 am

DIMAPUR, MAY 12 : There is a singular truth about  building, a social entrepreneur told technical students in Dimapur recently. The truth is that success in the academics does not matter as much as being successful in offering constructive solutions for the society and its growth.

To accomplish it, students of the Nagaland Tool Room and Training Centre (NTTC) were told, they must build character first. 
On Thursday, the Nagaland Tool Room and Training Centre (NTTC) in Dimapur organized a seminar about human resource development at the center’s premise in Dimapur.

Resource persons for the seminar were a five-member team comprising Freddy Bodmer from Switzerland, Stephania Menezes from Kuwait, Anuo Pawar from Pune, Gaurav Sah from Nainital, and Wangyal from Tibet from Initiatives of Change;  Vitono Haralu who is also a member of the team and the director of Pathfinders, a Nagaland-based nongovernmental organization.

The principal of the NTTC, Petehetuo Miasalhou spoke during a short inaugural program. He spoke on the importance of working for the welfare of the society ‘while bringing the people together from across the world.’ He said that success or failure in studies does matter but working for constructive measures for the society matters. 

Observing the demand for skilled workers in industry establishments, the principal advised students to learn, get experience with other parts of the world, acquire exposure and return with a positive mindset to change the society. 

The oldest of the team members, 72 years old Freddy Bodmer is still actively involved in travelling around the world. He said to have been introduced to India in the year 1975. Since then, he has been visiting India often.

Speaking to the NTTC’s students, Bodmer said life was like a raw block that can be transformed into extraordinary use and form if shaped properly. Life, likewise, he said, was like a computer where ‘we log-in to our lives and things happen.’

He advised the students to never compare their-selves with anyone. ‘It is not what has happened to you but what you do,’ Bodmer said.

Initiatives of Change is a global nongovernmental organization spread across more than 60 counties.  In India, Initiatives of Change has it’s headquarter in Maharashtra. 

Young energetic Stephania Menezes who left her professional job as an engineer just to join the team said that the travelling team tries to reach out to schools, government offices, villages, and communities. The goal is address global issues while trying to bridge the gap between peoples of the world, she said. 

During a short interaction with the Eastern Mirror, Stephania Menezes said that the team felt strongly for the northeastern region. The visitors have a vision to bridge the gap between the people of the NE region and peoples of mainland India, she said. 

Stationed at Zubza for almost a month till June 5, the team plans to visit various districts under Nagaland and few other northeastern states as well.

Initiatives of Change is a diverse, global network committed to building trust across the world’s divides. It comprises people of many cultures, nations, beliefs and backgrounds who are committed to transforming society through changes in individuals and relationships, starting in their own lives.

Also, a short conversation with Freddy Bodmer brought to light that his current visit to Nagaland is his ninth. Stories of experience are the best weapons that one can use to bring changes to a society and community; to build humans, he said. More than just the subject-learning, building one’s character is a very important achievement, he said. Character can be shaped alongside ‘bookish knowledge,’ Bodmer explained.  

Vitono Haralu, who runs the Pathfinders, also said that the aim of the nongovernmental organization was to find ways for the people to learn about their purpose in life and facilitate human development training. 

The NTTC was established in the year 2005 by the Government of Nagaland. The center has more than 300 students who are trained in
various technical diploma courses.
The seminar covered various topics such as inner change and better public services, relationships, team-building, and personal change, besides the participants’ aspirations for the state of Nagaland. 

By Temshinaro Updated: May 13, 2016 12:12:40 am
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