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Change of guard in NSCN (IM) ranks

By EMN Updated: Feb 11, 2019 11:14 pm
The new chairman of NSCN (IM) Q Tuccu (right) and Tongmeth Wangnao, the vice-president.


Elects Qhehezu Tuccu chairman; Tongmeth Wangnao as vice-president

Dimapur, Feb. 11 (EMN): Putting all speculations to rest, the NSCN-IM on Monday appointed Qhehezu Tuccu its chairman or ‘yaruiwo’; while Tongmeth Wangnao was appointed its vice-chairman.

The ‘ato-kilonser’ of NSCN (IM), Th Muivah, declared the election of Tuccu as chairman and Wangnao as vice-chairman, during the outfit’s national hoho day that was conducted at the group’s camp, Hebron, on Feb. 11. Convenor Khriesarokho Peseyie administered the oath of allegiance, according to a statement from the group’s ‘ministry of information and publicity.’

It informed that the two elected persons ‘shall be the president and vice-president of the GPRN for a term of 6 years as per the Yehzabo at CHQ Hebron.’

The posts of the chairman and the vice-chairman have been lying vacant since the demise of late Isak Chishi Swu and ‘gen. (retd.)’ Khole.

According to the statement, prior to their being elected to the new positions, Tuccu and Wangnao were both members of the NSCN (IM) collective leadership.

Tuccu was born on Feb. 20, 1945 and joined the Naga national service in 1980. He hails from Nihoto village in Dimapur. Beginning from 1982 as acting chairman, UT, the updates informed, Tuccu has held various posts in the capacity of ‘kilonser as Chaplee, Keya Affairs, Forest & Environment and Mines & Minerals, and as member of the steering committee.’ He was made a member of the collective leadership in 2013.

On the other hand, Wangnao joined the Naga national service in 1987. Till 1995, he was serving as secretary before being elected Tatar in 1995. The statement mentioned that starting from 1998, Wangnao has held important posts in the capacity of kilonser like Chaplee, Kilo, Education, MIP, as Speaker, Tatar Hoho, member of the steering committee, and NJB convener. He was also made member of the collective leadership in 2013.

In his address, according to the statement, Tuccu gave his commitment ‘to stand firm and fulfil the will and decision of the Nagas.’

Likewise, Wangnao also appealed to ‘the members to stand by him and assist him in making decisions that would further uplift the national movement according to the Nagas desire.’

In his address to the gathering, prior to the declaration, Th Muivah stated: “Nagas are not lost people, because our forerunners like Imkong Meren and AZ Phizo took the right decision at the right time that Nagas will be the master of themselves—their land and their future and Nagalim will be for Christ.”

Muivah stated that many nations have perished with the passage of time. However, ‘the Nagas took the decision to be for Christ and thus sustained our existence. God will not be pleased if we deviate our ways from the decision taken by our elders with tears and blood,’ the updates mentioned Muivah as saying.

Muivah further urged the members to take strong stand to adhere to the principles followed by former chairman, late Isak Chishi Swu, who declared unity of the Nagas in the name of Jesus Christ.

By EMN Updated: Feb 11, 2019 11:14:18 pm