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Monday, February 06, 2023

Chakhroma youth unhappy with road workmanship

By EMN Updated: Jul 20, 2021 11:12 pm
An image of earth filling along the National Highway-29 being washed away by monsoon rain.

Dimapur, July 20 (EMN): Chakhroma Youth Organisation (CYO) expressed displeasure with the NHIDCL on the quality workmanship in the construction of four-lane National Highway-29 alleging that a great part of the road was washed away while the remaining parts pose a danger to the lives of thousands of commuters.

The organisation has castigated the lackadaisical attitude of NHIDCL shown towards the citizens of Nagaland despite multiple appeals and complaints being made to the concerned authorities/ authority for inadequate safety measures, inordinately slow progress of work and poor workmanship.

“The instability of soil is a known fact and the NHIDCL, with its top notch engineers and experts, surveyed and determined the basis before construction began, therefore, it is undeniable that they have absolute knowledge of the soil condition. But they chose to frivolously remain indifferent to the single most important fact and most of the widening of the road being made on earth fillings with its bases rooted from the riverbank, in particular, the stretch between Chathe Bridge to New Chümoukedima which runs along Chathe River,” the organisation’s president, Seyieneilhou Keyho, and the general secretary Noseho Peter, alleged

Stating that the topography of the region required fresh earth cutting for stability of the road given the river flowing alongside the road, the organisation claimed that less earth cutting was done and the road widened on frail earth filling whereby a greater part of the road was washed away with the first showers of the monsoon. It added that the remaining part was liable to endanger lives of thousands of commuters and also threaten the normal life of the citizens.

The organisation, therefore, appealed to the concerned authorities and the government of the day to seriously take appropriate action. It added that the organisation would be compelled to seek its own course of democratic justice for posterity if the repeated pleas of the people remain unheard for which the NHIDCL along with ECI would be held responsible for any unprecedented eventualities.

By EMN Updated: Jul 20, 2021 11:12:01 pm