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Chakhesang reflect on heritage, future on tribe’s day

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2015 11:21 pm

Phek, January 14

‘Chakhesang day,’ a community day of the Chakhesang Naga tribe, organized by the Chakhesang People’s Organization (CPO) was celebrated with fervor on January 12 in Phek village’s local ground in Phek. Thousands of people representing various villages under Phek district attend the event.
Celebrating ‘Chakhesang day’ in remembrance of pioneers who initiated the move to curve out a separate tribe as ‘Chakhesang’, village leaders who participated in the festival pledged to strengthen and uphold the visionary commitments of the tribe.General Secretary of Asia Pacific Baptist Federation Rev P Bonny Resu spoke during the occasion. He reminded the gathering that the Chakhesang people in the past were known for their ‘honesty.’ ‘People saw us as hard working people, honest people and more so for the unity we share,’ he said. He urged the Chakhesang people to amicably settle misunderstandings or differences and work towards common interests.
Pointing out the fact that the tribe still lacks in education, Rev Resu sought cooperation from all quarters of the community to insure that quality education was made available at all government-run institutions in the villages. The ‘poor economy’ of parents does not permit the tribes’ children to study in private schools, he said, but ‘our government run schools have qualified teachers and if they are dedicated, they can provide quality education.’
The church leader also called for self-reliance. He encouraged undergoing necessary trainings and be rid of depending on leaders. He said that there was a pressing need for Chakhesang leaders to ‘bring more development.’ This, he said, would be possible if the people were willing to let go of their mindset that they deserved the perks.
He also called upon the educated to carry out research about the values and practices of forefathers and document them for the younger generation. This, he said, was imperative as the population of elders of the tribe had been ‘depleting.’
Meanwhile, the CPO during its 33rd general session resolution resolved to celebrate ‘Chakhesang Day’ on January 10 every year. Observation of this day together by all units will be held once in three years.
In other matters, the CPO has decided to bring out a booklet on the formation of the Chakhesang tribe. The organization has also resolved to continue the ban on import of pork to Chakhesang inhabited areas. However, for rearing purposes, piglets weighing below 30 kilograms can be imported from outside but has to be ascertained by respective local youth organizations.
It has further reiterated a resolution to ban hunting, jungle burning, and extraction of flora and fauna.
Lastly, the CPO has also resolved to organize “Chakhesang cultural day” to ‘preserve, protect and nurture’ the community’s cultural heritage.

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2015 11:21:26 pm