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Chakhesang church: Don’t worry, vaccines for health

By EMN Updated: Oct 27, 2018 11:24 pm

Dimapur, Oct. 27 (EMN):The Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) has issued a statement of support to the ongoing vaccination campaign in Nagaland against measles amid reports about certain ‘misgivings, rumours and false prophesies.’ The CBCC issued a press release to the media on Oct. 27 appealing to the people to vaccinate their children of the age group 9-months to 15 years.
‘The CBCC in its executive meeting that was held on October 18-19 resolved to fully support the ongoing MR or measles-rubella vaccination campaign undertaken by the department of Health and Family Welfare. It also resolved to appeal all the people to ensure that all the children between 9 months to 15 years are vaccinated in due time,’ the press release read.

“It also resolved to appeal all the believers not to be swayed by certain false prophesies related to MR vaccines which claimed to have emerged from so called prophets\prayer centres\individuals unrecognised by the church and which do not have any Biblical basis.”

The council said to be ‘obliged’ to issue the press statement ‘in view of certain misgivings, rumours and false prophesies which are in circulation among the social media and printed medias with regards to the ongoing measles rubella vaccination campaign,’ of the government.

‘As far as this vaccination campaign is concerned, the church council is of the view that it is a part of the global efforts to eradicate the measles and rubella diseases initiated by government of India and endorsed, promoted and sponsored under World Health Organisation (WHO) programmes.’ According to WHO, the church stated, measles and rubella are highly contagious viral diseases. To prevent and control the dreaded diseases, around 150 countries are currently using MR vaccines which are proven to be highly safe and effective, the CBCC stated.

Fully recognising that health is the fundamental human right for all, the church organisation added, it is the moral obligation of the church to ensure that each and every individual to have the opportunity to live a healthier and fuller life which is the will of God.

“The benefits of vaccination extend beyond prevention of specific diseases in individuals but they enable a rich, multifaceted harvest for societies and nations. Health is also fundamental to economic growth for developing countries like India and vaccination form the bedrock of the public health.”

Dimapur achieves 72%
Despite mixed responses from various quarters, some big schools in Dimapur such as SD Jain Higher Secondary School and St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School and many more schools have managed to secure 100% vaccination in the recent measles-rubella vaccination campaign (MRVC). According to the department’s updates,

Dimapur has achieved 72% vaccination coverage as on October 26. It informed that another round of school revisits from October 27 has been scheduled to vaccinate those students who were missed during the initial visit. “The great turnout and huge response of the community during the outreach activities has further assured the department that this revisit to schools will bring forward more students and the parents to avail the opportunity,” the department’s statement said.

By EMN Updated: Oct 27, 2018 11:24:53 pm