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Chaga Ngee festival observed in Manipur

By EMN Updated: Oct 31, 2014 12:32 am


Amidst a plethora of colorful dance and age old tradition, Chaga Ngee, the biggest festival of the Liangmai community was celebrated at Tarung community hall, Imphal today. Organized by the Chaga Ngee Celebration Committee (SLCNCC) 2014, the festival was celebrated under the theme “Promoting culture in its purity”.
The celebration was attended by Manipur minister Francis Ngajokpa as chief guest while MLA, 59-Sikot A/C, T. N. Haokip and vice chairman, HAC Z. Kikhonbou Newmai graced the function as president and guest of honour respectively.
Giving the key note, Z. Khangdi Niumai, retd A.I.S TADC, said that Chaga Gadih is one of the most important and famous festivals of the Liangmai Naga tribe. The term in simple translation is applied to drawing of luck and fate. It also signifies love, joy and care with a degree bound by tradition and is originated in its completeness and fulfillment. The festival is observed by the Liangmais every year in the hope to seek abundant blessings from the Almighty for the times to come. Niumai also asserted that the festival, above all, spread joy, peace and harmony among the people.
Speaking as chief guest, Francis Ngajokpa said that the since different communities of the state preserve and abide by their own culture and tradition, the beauty and richness of the state as a whole is enhanced. But many at times, fusion of one culture with another in the name of modernization results in losing the value of one’s indigenous culture and languages. The main reasons behind this are the lack of research in one’s own culture and losing work culture. As such, Minister Francis called upon the people to maintain unity among themselves and also to be co-operative so that the age old rich customs and traditions of the tribal community can be preserved and protected.
Meanwhile, T. N. Haokip maintained that the Liangmais are a unique tribe of Manipur possessing their own unique culture and identity. He hoped that the celebration would enhance the Liangmai people’s attempt to preserve and maintain their distinctive identity.
He further said that the culture of most of the North Eastern states shares a remarkable resemblance with that of the South Asian countries. Realizing this factor, the government of India has now shifted their attention towards that development of the North Eastern regions by introducing many constructive policies like the Look East Policy to enhance development. Z. Kikhonbou on the other hand, said that the Chaga Ngee, being celebrated by the Liangmai people every year is a remarkable achievement.
As part of the celebration, the traditional Ho-hoing (Chahoi) was observed followed by the hoisting of Chaga Ngee flag and making of traditional fire (in indigenous style).

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