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Inland Waterways Authority: Officials explore Tizu

By EMN Updated: Nov 14, 2014 12:12 am

Dimapur, November 13

A team of officials from the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), Ministry of Shipping, and from the state’s Planning department recently visited Tizu River to ‘examine the viability’ of undertaking a hydrographic survey across the length of the river.
The officials arrived in Nagaland on November 6. A press received here informing of the event stated that the central officials had found the river to be having “very good potential” for development for Inland Water Transport operation.
“Nagaland being a land locked state; the state government always had its eye to develop its major rivers for the purpose of inland navigation which once had played a key role in propagation of civilization all across the world,” a press release from the department of Planning and Coordination stated on Thursday. River Tizu originates in the hills of Nagaland and flows across major section of the state and finally enters Myanmar near International Boundary Pillar (IBP) No. 133 at Avankhu village and falls in Chinwin River of Myanmar, has been the focus of the government of Nagaland since the past few decades.
The state government had attempted to undertake its development through central assistance but every time the attempts became a non starter due to its remoteness, lack of approach roads and due to the difficult terrain the river was passing through.
However the State government of Nagaland did not lose its sight of target and after prolonged persuasion and meetings with the Government of India, it was decided to open the chapter of development of River Tizu under centrally sponsored scheme (CSS).
Accordingly a team of officials from Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), Ministry of Shipping and from the state planning department undertook an in-depth visit to the river by physically travelling all across the state by road, look at the river at as many points as possible and take an examine the viability of undertaking a hydrographic survey all across the length of the river, which will form the basis for preparation of a DPR for further development of the river under CSS.
The team of officials arrived in Nagaland on November 6 and carried their inspection of river Tizu to ascertain the technical viability of undertaking Hydrographic survey. The team observed that the river has very good potential for its development for Inland Water Transport (IWT) operation and in the future could provide India and the state of Nagaland connectivity with Hthimathi Port of Myanmar, through the Chinwin River.
The officials of Inland Waterways Authority of India were represented by Director North East of the IWAI, Arun Roy, and OSD of Nagaland State Planning department, Thomas Thailu. They, along with other government officials, visited the river and observed its viability for further development.
Later, they briefed the chief minister of Nagaland TR Zeliang during a meeting held in the chief minister’s residence on November 11. Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and Co-ordination Neiba Kronu, as well as advisors to the chief minister KG Kenye and Lalthara, and Project Co-Ordinator Dr.Vesapra Tinyi were present during the meeting.
Chief Minister TR Zeliang expressed satisfaction at the efforts taken by the team and indicated that development of the rivers of Nagaland will provide a ‘much sought after alternative mode of transport’ which will play a key role in the improvement of the state’s economic condition “and employment generation,” the press release stated.
The chief minister is also stated to have mentioned that the development of Tizu was a fitting case for the Look East Policy of the Government of India.
The officials from the Inland Water Authority of India have proposed to undertake a ‘hydrographic survey’ in the second week of February, 2015.

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