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Centre putting states under undue pressure: UP CM

By EMN Updated: Dec 07, 2014 9:29 pm


[dropcap][/dropcap]Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav today hit out at the Centre for financially “burdening” states by executing schemes which come under the State List, saying such programmes were putting the resources of the state governments under undue pressure.
He also said the practice of ‘one size fits all’ should be discarded by the new body which takes over the role of the Planning Commission as without a flexible policy, the states with differing needs cannot develop.
Yadav said the contribution made by the Planning Commission in “challenging” times cannot be ignored. “We have to incorporate changes based on experience gained over a period of time,” he said, referring to the revamp of the plan panel.
Addressing a meet of Chief Ministers convened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on replacing the Planning Commission, he said that it would have been “more beneficial” had the issue of the plan panel discussed with the states and their opinions, views were taken into account before the PM interacted with the CMs.He said that the states were being “financially burdened” as the Centre was executing schemes which come under the State List in the Constitution. “These programmes,” the Chief Minister rued, “are exerting undue pressure on the finances of the states and in some cases states find themselves helpless.”
Yadav stressed on the need of allowing “full freedom” to the states for executing projects as per their requirements
There should be threadbare consultations with the state governments at political and official levels before the five- year plans are given final shape, he said.
The Chief Minister also said that the issues of the states should be addressed by the Planning Commission or the new body within specified timelines, noting that the role played by the plan panel as an innovation and knowledge hub could be the focal point for the states.
Underlining the need of providing resources for study and research to obliterate problems faced in development of the states, Yadav suggested that the representation of the states should be enhanced on the one hand, while on the other the Centre should also make efforts to provide knowledge, research and financial aiding to achieve the targets of the ready road map and meeting of the development indices.
He sought that 50 per cent of the central plan outlay budget be provided to the states as one-time amount so that the states could implement their projects by keeping in mind local needs and priorities.
The efficacy of the fund utilisation should be done by keeping long-term targets in mind, he said.
Yadav said the documents presented by the states at the meeting of the National Development Council should not be put in the archives as they carry the “pains” of the Chief Ministers.

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