Friday, May 27, 2022

Celebrating Teachers

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 08, 2021 12:07 am

India observes Teachers’ Day on September 5 every year to appreciate and honour educators across the country for their contributions to society, but unfortunately for two consecutive years there has been none of the usual celebrations as classroom learning remains disrupted due the Covid-19 pandemic. Like most teachers, especially those teaching in private educational institutions who have been silently bearing the brunt of the pandemic due to the closure of schools, this year’s Teachers’ day celebrations too passed by with relative silence. The crisis could be an eye-opener for many, making them realise their irreplaceable role in society as well as the economic insecurity and vulnerability of their profession, which is considered “noble”. Amidst salary cuts many must be sandwiched between the commitment to impart knowledge to students and the need to put food on the table during these past two years. Their plight went unheard amidst loud demands on private educational institutions to reduce fees in view of classroom learning being stopped. Teachers in governmental institutions were free from the worry of economic insecurity but everybody had to face the challenge of remotely imparting education to young minds. They had to suddenly switch from teaching in classrooms, to teaching over the internet. The issue of digital divide was not limited to students. Teachers too need good internet services to conduct online classes. But who talks about it? Education cannot stop, teachers had to find a means to reach out to students with or without the internet. Failing to do so, they face the risk of receiving brickbats from the public. The fact is that teachers were not trained for imparting education remotely or to conduct classes while maintaining social distancing norms with face masks on but they rose to the occasion and faced these new and unprecedented challenges head-on in inspiring ways with compassion and creativity. Silently doing all they could to ensure that students didn’t lose too much. Unfamiliarity with gadgets, slow internet or even the absence of it didn’t stop them from performing their duty. They adapted to the change well. For this, they deserve appreciation and respect. In the meantime, repeated notifications by the Education department of Nagaland government, asking the teachers in public sector institutions to be at their posting places, marred the image of this noble profession. Running away from one’s responsibility even during a crisis of this magnitude is a disservice to society. The Education department must eliminate proxy teaching practice, which has been rampant in the state for decades. The sooner, the better. A few black sheep have put a blot on this noble profession. This is unfair to the dedicated ones and should to be stopped. It is also equally important to invest in teachers if we want a progressive society. Teachers should be given their due and a reason to celebrate not only on September 5 but every day.

By The Editorial Team Updated: Sep 08, 2021 12:07:46 am