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Celebrating Easter: Nagas proclaim the gift of the risen Lord

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People in thousands gather at World War-II Cemetery for Easter Sunrise Service

Principal Correspondent

PROCLAIMING the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Kohima Baptist Pastors’ Fellowship (KBPF) organised the Easter Sunrise Service this morning at the historic World War-II Cemetery with thousands of Christian believers offering thanksgiving prayer for the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for redemption of mankind.
Chief Secretary, Banuo Z. Jamir extending greetings on the occasion said “We observe Easter, to remind ourselves of the greatest gift of God our Father in the sacrifice of His Son and our Saviour, through whom we receive both the forgiveness for our sins and the assurance of eternal life”.
She said “it is not sufficient that we receive the gift of Easter, we must share it with others.”
She called upon the gathering to “testify and worship our living God through prayers, sharing of the Word, through singing and through the conduct of our daily lives, that others will see Christ in us”.
Referring to government servants while speaking of worshipping God through one’s conduct, she said “It is very regrettable but true, that there are many cases of government servants not ‘working’ and not staying in the place of posting but continuing to draw their salary and this is not confined to just one category of employees, it ranges from Grade IV staff to senior, gazette officers and in many cases someone else is being sent by them in their place – ‘proxy’ as is referred to and the salary is shared.
She also expressed that there are instances of payments being received by contractors for works not done, incorrect information regarding population, electoral roll, enrolments of students, number of households being furnished for undue benefits.
Expressing that the saddest part of the matter is that such instances are not objected to down the line or regarded to be wrong, she asked “what is wrong with a society that claims to be Christian – are we conducting ourselves in a Christ-like manner – whom we are to emulate through the new life given to us through His resurrection, which we celebrate every year at Easter?”
“I believe that everyone of us created for a purpose and we are placed wherever God designs us to be, therefore who are you or me to decide that we need not do that task for which He has selected us for or who are you or me to decide that someone else such as a brother, sister or friend can do the work instead,” she said.
She cited “would it be acceptable if the CS or the DGP were to place in their posts, a son or daughter or uncle or aunt and to share the salary, just because the officer does not like the post or has something else more attractive to do”. There is no justification for this and the same applies at any level, she quipped.
She said individually we can make a difference but the impact as a people can be felt only if we collectively make the effort so that others will know that we are Christians by our conduct and by the quality of our work, wherever we may be placed for.
“We serve a risen Saviour – let us testify this by the way we live our lives,” she challenged.
In his message, General Secretary of Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) Rev Dr Anjo Keikung called upon the gathering to believe in Heaven and Hell and prepare oneself for the life after death. He also called upon the Christians to keep Jesus Christ alive through the Holy Spirit in oneself.
Speaking from I Corinthian 15: 3-8, he said Christianity is all about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of salvation of life and hope for all the people.
He said many people believe in Jesus but not His resurrection, but as Christian our belief is summed in the dead and resurrection of Jesus Christ for redemption of mankind.
Expressing that Nagas being a Christian society the foundation is solid, he however questioned about the personal life of the Naga people. He said the presence of Holy Spirit can be felt in the state but “we are not allowing to work within us
KBPF President Rev. Dr. Vevo Phesao chaired the Service which commenced with scripture reading and prayer by Associate Pastor of Kohima Lotha Baptist Church Mhonchumo S. Lotha while special songs were presented by the Sumi Baptist Church, Daklane and Yimchunger Baptist Churches, Kohima.
Little Vessel Ministry observes Easter Sunday
Joining in festivity of Easter Sunday celebrations, the Little Vessels Ministry observed Easter Sunday by organizing Bible quiz competition to Little Vessel Ministry students of class 5-12 today at IMC Hall, Dimapur. Divided into 4 groups, Lord Supper, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, the students with enthusiastic participants were quizzed on Bible related questions where Holy Saturday took the first place with Lord Supper the second place.

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