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Celebrating Christmas in true spirit

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 23, 2016 12:49 am
Ammy Lotha anxiously waiting for Christmas with hope and thanksgiving in her heart. (EM Images)
Ammy Lotha anxiously waiting for Christmas with hope and thanksgiving in her heart. (EM Images)


Kohima, Dec. 22: Christmas is almost at hand and for every Christian it is the biggest festival heralding the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time of sharing and spreading love, joy and cheers with family and friends. Christmas is a season of great joy, a time of healing and renewed strength.

Strings of lights of every colour, Christmas trees, stars that adorns every house, street and shops and Christmas songs resonating the air brings a kind of serene warmth and joy to the hearts of every passerby and listener.

Over the past few weeks, it was observed people making hectic preparation for this cheerful festival. The tradition associated with the festival of gifting is being passed around in abundance. It indeed brings happiness to both the giver and the receiver.

Yet over the years, it has been observed that the traditions of gifting, decorations, dinners, etc have overshadowed the real purpose of celebrating Christmas. For most Christians, Christmas has become just another occasion for celebration and feasting.

One person in Kohima observed, ‘for many years something is amiss among the community in Kohima before Christmas. He pointed out a drop in the atmosphere where people seem to have lost the excitement, wonder and joy of Christmas.

Faith Harvest Church organised a Christmas musical night in Kohima town in an effort to usher one of the most important and meaningful times of the year for Christians of coming together in joyful expression of unity celebration and reverence.

NBCC general secretary, Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho said Christmas is not about merry making which seems to have taken the centre stage of the celebration, but it is a celebration of the greatest gift of God.

Ammy Lotha, a vegetable vendor for 8 years at Razhü Point, Kohima, said for her family Christmas is a time of thanksgiving to God for good health and benevolently sustaining them throughout the year.

Ammy said she had saved a little from whatever she could earned from her business to buy some decent clothes for her two children. She humbly said it may not be extravagant but believes that it will make them very happy.

Ammy said she planned to celebrate Christmas with her family going to church and give thanks to God in one heart and in unity for His abundant blessings upon them for the year.

Another poultry seller for the past 10 years and a deacon from Vidima, Aseno said she intends to celebrate Christmas with her nine children in true spirit of heralding the birth of Jesus Christ.

She was grateful for the good health that God had granted upon her family during the year. At the same time, she lamented how Christmas is being celebrated by the people disregarding the real purpose.

On this Christmas, Dr. Keyho urged upon all to ponder on the love of God who sent His son into this world for our salvation.

‘As the world celebrates Christmas, may we celebrate our salvation in Christ Jesus, and connect oneself with God. Let Him be the king of our lives at this season of the years so that we truly come to know what Christmas is all about,’ said Dr. Keyho.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Dec 23, 2016 12:49:15 am