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Celebrate “Her”

By EMN Updated: Mar 07, 2020 11:52 pm

Wonderfully and fearfully created woman, she is….
From her I am born; from her he is born.
I am a woman; I am she.
In her lies the generation’s roots.

They say a woman must be submissive.
Yes! She understands and does it.
Yet, her meekness underestimated purposely.
Her voice silenced and freedom snatched!
She bears and tolerate the highs and the lows she has been offered.
She has her limit! She had it enough in the name of love, respect
and honour for the sake of another human.

Now it’s time she speaks………
No longer she’ll bow down rather she’ll bow out and voice out
for she deserve her rights to be exercised.
She’ll chose her self-respect over false honour of superiority.
Remember she’s a woman later; A human first.
Treat her with love, respect and honour not because she is a mother, wife
or a daughter but because she is a human, first of everything she is…!

Remember men, there’s nothing more in you.
‘He and She are at bar.’
Remember there is nothing less in a woman.
Her never ending sacrifices is her divine beauty.
Her femininity and fragility is her strength.
Therefore, celebrate; celebrate her for being a woman.
She deserves your good thoughts,
She deserves your valuable attention.
But do it with heart and not with obligation.
Celebrate women and make it count not bounded.                                 

M Lithei Nyam Phom

By EMN Updated: Mar 07, 2020 11:52:28 pm