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CEC of NPF (Noke group) takes six resolutions

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The Central Executive Council (CEC) of the NPF (Noke group) had a meeting on January 20 at Chumukedima, Dimapur which was attended by 22 MLAs, 57 CEC members, presidents of 10 divisions, presidents of 39 assembly constituency units and 37 Central office bearers. Six resolutions were taken during the meeting.
The participants congratulated and upheld the leadership of NPF president Noke Wangnao and Leader of the NPF Legislature Party, G. Kaito Aye and resolved to stand firmly behind the leadership in the greater interest of the people.
The meeting then assured the Naga people that the NPF led DAN would provide a stable and transparent Government that will rebuild and re-strengthen the friendship between the Government of Nagaland and the NDA Government at the Centre to usher in accelerated development and equitable growth for all sections of society.
It also resolved to continue to put the Indo-Naga political issue as the topmost agenda and that the party would strive for early resolution of the decades old political imbroglio in an honorable manner that is acceptable to the people.
The participants unanimously condemn the refusal of the ‘minority’ Chief Minister T.R. Zeliang, who is ‘unconstitutionally’ occupying the chair of the Chief Minister despite the fact that the majority of the MLAs in the ruling NPF and DAN coalition have ‘withdrawn’ support to his leadership.
The party appealed to the ‘honourable members’ who are under ‘confinement’ in Kohima to come and join hands with the ‘majority’ of the Legislators and the party organization and they are assured that each of the members will be treated with honour and dignity without any discrimination or prejudice.
Finally, the meeting resolved to steadfastly uphold the principles and ideals of the NPF at all costs and to protect the rich traditions of the party in ensuring that inner democracy would continue to prevail and that the majority view would be respected above all else. The meeting acknowledged the fact that the NPF carries the voice of the Naga people and it is the responsibility of the NPF to make the Naga voice heard and respected under the unshakable motto, coined by the founders of the party, of Fide Non Armies.

Noke group Resolution Committee

The Resolution Committee of NPF Legislature Party (Noke group) resolved to urge the Governor of Nagaland to dismiss the ‘minority’ government headed by T. R. Zeliang with immediate effect and allow the ‘majority’ leader elect G. Kaito Aye to form the government. It also resolved to stand united and work wholeheartedly in strengthening the Party under the leadership of NPF President Noke Wangnao and Leader of the NPF Legislature Party G. Kaito Aye. The meeting then resolved to extend and appeal to all the NPF Legislators and NPF Party workers currently in T. R. Zeliangs camp to come and join the legitimate majority led by the NPF Legislature Party leader G. Kaito Aye in the greater interest of the party and the people of the State keeping in mind the principles of forgive and forget in the spirit of reconciliation.
Finally, it resolved to wholeheartedly support the ongoing peace process between the Naga Political Groups and the government of India.
Zaleo Rio (Convener), Merentoshi R. Jamir (Member Secretary), E. E. Pangteang (member), Deo Nukhu (Member), Dr. Benjongliba (member) and Shetoyi (member) were present in the meeting which was held at Niathu Resort, Chumukedima today.

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