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CCK beats KPC 3-1 in Challenger Cup 2014

By EMN Updated: Sep 05, 2014 9:43 pm

Principal Correspondent

ORGANISERS of Classic Cup – Classic Club Kohima (CCK) today managed to get possession of the ‘Challenger Cup’ after three years by beating Kohima Press Club (KPC) by 3-1. Challenger Cup is an annual event between the two clubs as part of the Classic Cup.
Playing a closely contested match, CCK scored first through one of the senior most player of the tourney Aya Thorie which was followed by the much needed equalizer for KPC coming through the boots of Ketuo Viluo to end the first half in 1-1 draw.
However, after the lemon break it was the youngest player of the cup, Mhaler Sekhose scoring a superb lead while coming from the substitute bench Pudil Tsükhrü sealed the score board for CCK to by a margin of two goals.
Individual awards:
Best goal-keeper – HK Chishi of KPC
Best Defender – Asinlo of KPC
Best striker – K. Neibu Sekhose of CCK
Best Mid-fielder – Narain B. Sagar of KPC
Oldest player – Aya Thorie of CCK
Youngest player – Mhaler of CCK
Player of the match – Chotisuh Sazo of CCK

By EMN Updated: Sep 05, 2014 9:43:23 pm