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Caution to Khekiye K Sema

By EMN Updated: Feb 21, 2014 12:12 am

Out of respect for Naga traditions of allowing every citizen to freely express one’s individual opinion, the NNC and FGN leaders had on a former occasion invited Khekiye to come to the Transit Peace Camp so that the leaders could clarify his misconceived notions about the national struggle that he had written in the local papers. However, on that occasion too, he had scorned the national government and failed to come. Therefore, much against our normal policy of not replying every self opinionated individual’s write-ups through the press, we have been constrained to openly correct his misconceptions through this press release.
1. In your write-up “The wrath of Indifference” dated Feb. 17, 2014, you have stated that the vision of all the national political groups (NPGs) has been “critically impaired by self seeking priorities and greed as the sole agenda.” The NNC and FGN wish to clearly state that they are not a national political group but the Naga peoples only mandated Political Institution and Government. As such, this government cannot be classified with other self appointed Naga Political Groups that are extorting the nation in the name of Naga sovereignty. The only tax that the Federal Government receives is from free will donations and legitimate national taxes from the bona fide Naga Villages.
2. You have also alleged that “with the Shillong Accord suicide, the national foundry has been shaken into oblivion”, and that “as long as Madam Adino continues to lead the accordist faction of the Shillong Accord, the fire of betrayal remains burning bright as a living witness…” In response to your allegation, the FGN reiterates that though the Shillong Accord was signed by some “Underground Representatives,” no betrayal of the nation was ever committed by either the NNC or the FGN through the Shillong Accord. On the part of the FGN, the Shillong Accord clause 1 and 3 were rejected by the then FGN President through his letter to the Governor of Assam/Nagaland dated Dec. 30, 1975. As for the NNC, neither A.Z. Phizo nor Adinno, the present incumbent President of the NNC, had ever given recognition to the Shillong Accord as a settlement between the GOI and the NNC/FGN. In fact all Nagas have rejected the Shillong Accord as an invalid document because it was never ratified by either the Parliament of India or the Naga Federal Tatar Hoho. The question of the existence of some “accordist” or “Non-accordist” therefore, is just the fictitious imagination of some people with ulterior motives.
3. As for your desperate opinion that all the various national political groups must unify under somebody else’s leadership, The NNC and the FGN reiterate that there simply cannot be any unification between those who are defending the nation’s declared independence against foreign invasion and those who are struggling for power through a foreign political ideology called socialism or communism. Our mandated political Institution and Government are simply defending the Naga National rights and territories and not fighting for the establishment of a foreign political ideology in our Land.
4. As for Naga unity and fraternity, if some Nagas (which included your own father), had not signed the 16 Point Agreement with India in 1960, there never would have been a Revolutionary Government surrender in 1973, or a Shillong Accord in 1975 or the barratry formation of the NSCN in 1980 and all the other splits and fratricidal bloodshed that has smeared our beloved Land. This most treacherous betrayal in 1960 gave birth to all the social evils that are plaguing our Land and our society today. So finally, as someone, who has served this Indian puppet State government for all your active years, you are hereby cautioned to desist from writing sweeping statements against our national leaders.

Deputy Secretary, FGN.

By EMN Updated: Feb 21, 2014 12:12:29 am