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Casual Games for your Phone

By EMN Updated: Jul 10, 2017 10:00 pm

By Liyo Kikon

The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store are littered with all kinds of games from really cool ones to seriously crappy titles and everyone obviously have their own favorite genre but anyone can enjoy a little casual games once in a while, especially when you’re bored and casual games are the best remedy to cure boredom. These are my top picks for free Casual Games, all these games are available for both Android and iOS.

Not Not
No, it’s not a brain teaser game, it’s more like a brain busting game. This game is simple and easy to play, but there’s a 100% guarantee that you will mess it up. The game boots up with a guy standing on a cube and there are instructions written on the cube and all you have to do is follow those instructions. For instance, if it says “Swipe Left”, then you swipe left and if it says “Swipe Right” and there’s an arrow pointed in a different direction, then you swipe right. You simply need to do what is written. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! This game will get you frustrated again and again as you try and keep telling yourself that you will only do what is written and ignore the rest of it but our brain works in such a way that we process graphics faster than we can read and that will result in you making the wrong turn every time in this game. But one thing’s for sure, this game is frustratingly fun to play and you can always pick it up and play anywhere.

Brought to you by ‘Ketchapp’, one of the best companies in creating casual games for mobile devices, Kubik is another game which is a great way to pass time. It’s basically a 3D Tetris, but unlike most 3D Tetris games, this one works a lot better. The controls are easy, and it works simply by swiping left and right to place the blocks where you want them. What sets this game apart from other Tetris type of games is that the blocks are not generated randomly, and all the blocks which come up will always fit some place or another so that you can always make sure that there are no ‘holes’ within the blocks. The objective is simple – you just need to fill up the entire platform to make that platform disappear and so on and so forth but as you progress further, the blocks will start falling faster and I noticed that it’s a lot harder to keep up when it starts getting faster. Just like most Tetris type of games, this one also works well when you just wanna play at your leisure time.

Age of 2048
I absolutely love 2048 games and if you’ve never played any of them, I would suggest you to try the classic 2048 game before you play the Age of 2048. Using the same principle as the classic 2048, where the objective is to swipe in the direction you want the pieces to move and when you swipe, any two numbers with the same value will combine together to form a greater number and this will continue until you can form the highest number, the Age of 2048 uses buildings instead of numbers and two buildings or building materials will combine together to form the next structure, until you form the greatest building of that era and once you create that building, you will unlock a new age where a new set of buildings can be built. You also get a limited set of tools such as “Undo”, where you can use it to simply undo the previous move which is helpful if you made a mistake and then there’s the “Cleaner” which will instantly get rid of all the small building materials to give you more space to work with and then there’s the “Magic Wand” which will instantly upgrade any building you tap on. More of these tools can be purchased within the game via in-app purchase.

Doofus Drop
A game could not get more casual than Doofus Drop, it’s a silly game, but fun in a weird way. The game starts off with Doofus on a bike and you just tap away to make him go faster until you reach the end which he will hit and start tumbling down the hill. The further you fall down, the more points you get. As you fall down, you can get powerups and even another bike which you can paddle downhill and try to get even further. This game will mostly require you to watch him fall down and hit objects along the way, and once in a while, you can swipe to make him jump in a specific direction and fall further.

By EMN Updated: Jul 10, 2017 10:00:43 pm
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