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Cases of children with poor vision on rise in Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Oct 09, 2015 1:01 am

They risk failing a grade in schools.  As such simple step is to get their eyes tested or let them wear spectacles if need be.

Atono Tsiikrii

With the advancement in technology – computers, laptops and smartphones have come to dominate our lives today. We are living in such an age that without these gadgets we are not able to function normally in our day-to-day lives. This is because our works are accomplished much faster and quicker with the help of these devices.
In short, all the information that we need are only a mere click or swipe away. Though these gadgets have made our lives easier, it also brings along its own pitfalls. Excessive use of these gadgets has harmful effects on the eyesight, which is a common problem that we see today among the present generation.
On the sidelines of the World Sight Day (WSD), an annual event held on October 8, Dr Nengneilhing Hangshing, Optometrics (MS), who is also the owner of Eyedentity Optical, Midland Kohima told Eastern Mirror that the number of children wearing spectacles has increased in the last few years in Nagaland.
Citing use of gadgets like computers and phones as a common reason for weak eyesight among the younger generation, she said that most of the people today, especially children play games for hours together which is greatly affecting the eyesight. She also pointed out that with the competition among school children to score higher marks, they are compelled to study and read more, which is also one reason for the growing number of children with poor or weak poor eyesight today.
Dr Nengneilhing Hangshing also pointed out that many children are not aware of this condition, and stated that if timely or routine eye check up is not done; it will greatly affect their vision and thereby affect their academic performances too.
She advised those suffering from diabetes, BP to go for eye check up at least once a year, otherwise she cautioned that it would be very late for their vision to come back to normal. In the five schools where free eye check up was conducted in Kohima, she was astounded to find many young school children with poor eyesight, wherein many have complained that they are unable to see the writings in the blackboard.
She was also told by many school children of their parents’ reluctance to take them for eye checkup.
Seeking to dispel the fears of the parents, Dr Nengneilhing said that it is a completely wrong perception on their part.
She explained that wearing glasses do not make their children’s vision get worse. She said refractive errors (near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism) change as kids get older and also added that many variables come into play, but most of this change is likely due to genetics and continues despite wearing glasses earlier or later or more or less.
She has also elaborated on Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), a condition which is caused from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone use. Some symptoms of CVS include eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and neck and shoulder pain. She explained that this is a very common occurrence among those who work in offices for prolonged hours in front of their computers and those are in frequent use of their tablets and cell phones. To prevent this, she advised fitting of anti-reflecting glass on their computers or wearing of protective specs while working. She also suggested it is very important to blink one’s eyes frequently while viewing digital screens.
Since our roads are very dusty, she also suggested that the people shouldwear shades whenever one ventures out. This, she said is to prevent allergy which can damage the eye in the long run.
Dr Nengneilhing also informed that in commemoration of the World Sight Day, a free eye check up will be held at her clinic on October 9 and 10, and has asked all to come and avail the opportunity. The clinic is located at Tangkhul Baptist Church building, Midland, Kohima.

By EMN Updated: Oct 09, 2015 1:01:27 am