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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Careers: Recruiters Code and the Top Job Assured

By EMN Updated: Oct 04, 2021 10:38 pm

Recruitment strategy turns talent centric. Companies are constantly on the search for talented individuals who can contribute significantly to the organisation. Which involves employing people who can handle majority of tasks in a systematic and efficient way. There is a massive difference between higher education in India and its relevance for job employment.

Recruiters have a certain mind-set to select potential employees who suit their working culture and are the best fit for them. Each company has its own strategy to find its custom fit for all its profiles. Companies adopt various assessments methods to evaluate candidates; skills by multiple selection stages depending on the level of hiring.

Organisations mostly look for best-fit candidates, having a balanced positive attitude and pleasant personality traits. Some of the important skill sets which the company look at are:  ability to think and articulate the thoughts clearly; ability to collaborate and work with cross functional teams, ability to embrace change and remain agile, excellent numeric skills, persistence and perseverance. Recruiter in company, V.N.Mohan advised; “Be job ready, have clarity in choosing the right role, do a thorough check on the website of the company, check for the competitors of the company, improve soft skills, learn basic concepts and have a right attitude at the time of interview.”

Recruiters reaching out to the Right Audience: Recruiters now follow a skill-based hiring process, where they look for and hire professionals who are well- versed in technologies like social media, cloud, analytics, mobility and big data or domain-specific skills. This process also leverages technology and social media as primary platforms to reach out to the potential candidates. Global company focus on recruiting employees who can be a perfect fit for the company and the roles they are hired for, irrespective of locations.

The career opportunities are limitless in some of the companies, there is no rule to educational qualification. What they need are domain experts, who understand the company’s requirements. So the recruiters advice to go beyond the syllabus, learn new technologies, master social media, or improve your skills through credits or online courses. It will help you to employ by the company. Recruiters essentially look for in potential hires is a mix of strong problem -solving abilities, client serving-mindset, and core skills.

Company recruitment policy is putting right person in the right place: Obviously they look for people who have the required job-skills but more importantly assess the candidate for softer aspect and cultural fit. Aspects like; communication skills, customer focus, result oriented, ambition, collaboration, teachable. Above all integrity is a value the company do not compromised. Therefore, background verification is a must for the recruiters.

Demands for job in Manufacturing: Skilled employees, advance technology and high-tech tools mark the present-day manufacturing units. Engineer and managers are the movers of this sector, but what is sough from them has changed. Students today need industry-aligned programmes which employ special teaching methodologies that include online learning, practical training, industry tours, internships, research projects and live projects, to stay relevant as per future required. Manufacturing sector covers a range of industries, including, electronics, aerospace, automotive, steel, textile, leather and footwear and many more. The manufacturing conglomerates searched their talent as per the level of qualification and expertise. Industry hire people who would like to get their hands dirty and have the courage to challenge the status quo and provide out of the box solution.

Most of the companies now hire candidates for their right attitude, keenness to learn, and relearn becomes a key quality. Openness to ideas, ability to understand and solve the problems of the clients, being a team player, adaptability to technology and analytical skills are some of the basic ingredients that most of the companies look for in a candidate while hiring.

 Recruiters now weigh-in on all major and minor aspects of your resume. Slow down and introspect, figure out what you are lacking, your end goal and the skills you need to achieve. From soft skills to technical ones. Give the highly competitive nature of the job market, job seekers should up-skill themselves on a constant basis, and re-skill themselves according to the market demand for emerging skill-sets.

Dr. Meyingangla
Counselling –department
Immanuel College

By EMN Updated: Oct 04, 2021 10:38:27 pm