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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Career Opportunities for Law Aspirants

By EMN Updated: Feb 05, 2022 9:07 pm

In today’s Techno-Savvy environment, the world is becoming more digitally sophisticated and so are the crimes. With the drastic increase of Cyber Crimes being committed in the Country, there is a huge demand for skilful Cyber Lawyers in India today. To become a Cyber Law expert, the aspirant should have a keen interest and better understanding of the IT Industry. It is your skill and experience that makes you an expert. The Cyber Law course curriculum introduces Legal System, IT Act. Aspirants should have the capability of analysing problems with detail, intellectual ability, ability to assimilate and observe, are prerequisites in the field. Some of the common challenges include; hacking, credit card frauds, protecting digital signatures to safeguard business transactions or electronic records, etc. All the legal issues related to Internet crimes are being dealt through Cyber Laws. As the number of Internet users is on the increase with the changing times, the need for Cyber Laws and their application is gathering momentum. Apart from practising as a Cyber Lawyer, Law professionals can also work in other fields, including Trademark and Copyrights, Medico-Legal, Telecom, Financial, Crimes, Arbitration, Biotech and Patent Agent, etc.

Career in Litigation: “Pure practice retains unique charm.” Litigation is the most common practice area in the legal profession. A career in litigation offers many benefits. For legal professionals who work in the litigation arena, everyday day is different. At the inception of a case, investigating the facts, tracking down witnesses and gathering evidence is a challenge. Corporate litigation. Challenging the government’s Tax and tariff demands or taking on fellow corporate houses over alleged breach of contract, is increasing. Hence, litigation related work is better platform of opportunity to new law aspirants. With litigation increasing, more young law aspirants are getting  a chance to do significant work.

Career in Arbitration: In the recent trends demand for arbitration lawyers are increasing. Dispute redressal via arbitration and mediation have become essential tools for all the civil litigators. Most contracts that are executed today have an arbitration clause. Arbitration helps in reducing burden on court and it is time bound. Parties to get to choose their own arbitrator and their own rules of arbitration. Law education offers a plethora of opportunities for students since globalisation with the emergence of many law firms, litigation as a lucrative career option. Judicial services have also become a good option with many specialised sectors such as, corporate, banking, among others. With specialised knowledge LLM, PhD., PG Diploma, and other higher studies option can prove to be highly rewarding for Law students.

There is an urgent need for highly specialised lawyers. Tax law, intellectual property law, cross-border trade law, sports law, are just some of the areas which are now considered fields of their own. “The legal professionals are expected to do exhaustive research to arrive at an amicable solution rather than a strict resolution of a dispute leaving some happy and others high dry.”

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT): Typically, there are certain subjects or test areas a Law candidate needs to prepare well to crack CLAT. Mastering English. General Knowledge/current affairs – GK usually has the highest weightage in a law entrance exam. Important topics- Law aspirants should focus on International, economic, trade and finance related issues and similar developments relating to UN and its agencies. Logical reasoning- The purpose of the logical reasoning is to test the student’s ability to identify patterns, logical links and rectify illogical arguments. Managing time-important to master this area is regular practise of at least a couple of reasoning exercises for at least two months. Legal Aptitude- candidates must learn and understand legal principles relating to laws of offences. One needs to keep track of legal news and development in the country. Mock tests-mock tests help in identifying the mistakes and accordingly the aspirant can prepare.

Skill Sets Required: Legal profession is one of the most challenging and noble professions of the day. A good lawyer should know the Constitution, Criminal Laws, Civil Laws, Economic Laws, Corporate Laws, international law, after that one can specialise in any one of the streams. Law aspirants need to expose a real time courtroom situation. For corporate field, a Law aspirant must develop good drafting and oratorical skills, interpersonal communication and should have sound knowledge of industry acts and laws. He/ she must have the ability to work under pressure and be able to manage a team.

Dr. Meyingangla
Immanuel College

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