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Care and Management of Pregnant Pig and During Delivery

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A female pig (gilts) attains maturity at the age of 6-7 months. The female pig comes to heat at an interval of 20-21 days and the heat remains for about 1-3days. The pregnancy period of a pig is 115 days ± 3 days .Pig normally delivery twice a year. Proper care and management of the pig during pregnancy and during delivery will result in healthy piglets and maximum profit to the farmer.

Care and Management of Female Pig and Pregnant Pig:-
1. Extra amount of feed containing high amount of proteins ,vitamin and mineral supplement just before 2 weeks of breeding and 2/3 weeks before delivery. Good health of the pregnant pigs result in large litter size, more milk yield of the mother pig and more uniformity of the litter size
2. The pregnant pig should be placed in a separate clean shed, one week before delivery
3. Sufficient bedding materials like empty gunny to be provided 2-3 days prior to delivery

Care and Management during Delivery:-
1. On the day of delivery the pregnant pig need not be fed but should be provided with plenty of clean and warm water
2. The piglet are delivered one by one and they should be removed at once then wiped with clean cloth to clean off all/dirt/mucus .The navel cord should be cut 2-3 cms away from the navel and stump the navel cord with iodine
3. After completion of birth ,the mother should be given something warm to drink and allow the piglets to nurse
4. Everyday 8-10 times the piglets should be allowed to nurse in the beginning for a week and later 4-5 times a day
5. Clip the needle teeth of the piglets after birth to prevent injury of the mother teat

In case of any complication during pregnancy or during delivery time the owner should immediately report it to a Veterinarian or visit the nearest Veterinary Health Centre for early treatment .

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