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Candlelight memorial held in Kohima

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Mar 31, 2021 10:57 pm
A section of the participants during the candlelight vigil at Khuociezhie ground in Kohima on Wednesday.

Our Correspondent
Kohima, March 31 (EMN):
Braving the inclement weather, hundreds of people from Kohima and elsewhere from the state attended the candlelight vigil in honour of Itingwangbe Haikam, Peramhialungbo and Sikamwangbo at Khuociezhie ground on Wednesday evening in the state capital.

Holding candles, the crowd also held placards and banners, some of which read: “Great anger and violence can never build a nation,” “Peace cannot be achieved through violence; it can be attained through understanding,” “If you want peace, you won’t get it with violence” etc.

The three persons were killed by unidentified armed miscreants on March 22 at Lamhainamdi village in Peren district.

While speaking on the occasion, Tumda Newme, president of Zeme Council Nagaland, expressed anguish saying it was a ‘sad day for all, not because the three Zelinagrong brothers were killed but the ability of the Nagas to live as a family was tested’.

He narrated the sequence of incident on how the trio was killed while working on their plot, adding that the assailants burnt even their car.

Crowd holding candles during the event at Khuociezhie ground on Wednesday evening at Khuociezhie ground in Kohima.

He explained how Peren district have been maintaining “mutual respect” with various communities with “due acknowledgement of the ownership of land.” He said, “Ancestors’ territory is clear cut in Naga society and that there is no man’s land in Nagaland”.

He also shared how Zeliangrong community and Western Sumi Hoho had set up a co-ordination committee to settle land disputes peacefully until the barbaric crime took place on the fateful day, March 22.

Newme stated that their only demand was was to identify the perpetrators behind the inhuman act and hand over to the law while stating that the Zeliangrong people have always believed in the peaceful coexistence and brotherhood between the various tribes in Nagaland.

Students holding a banner during the candlelight vigil at Khuociezhie ground on Wednesday evening in Kohima.

President of Zeliangrong Baudi Kohima Dr. Hiabe Zeliang; president of Angami Public Organisation Dr. Kepelhusie Terhüja; president of Lotha Hoho Kohima Pankathung Lotha; and president of Tenyimi People’s Organisation Timikha Koza also spoke at the candlelight event.

While acknowledging that every tribal group in Nagaland has their own distinctive land and boundary, they extended solidarity with the Zeliangrong people and expressed condolences to the bereaved families. Speakers also lauded the “maturity” of the Zeliangrong leaders and urged the state government to expedite the arrest of the miscreants and delivery justice to the victims’ families at the earliest.

They also urged upon all right-thinking citizens to condemn such crimes against innocent people.

Various leaders of students’ unions and organisations also spoke at the event.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Mar 31, 2021 10:57:16 pm