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Canadian cyclists bring environment protection message

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 05, 2020 12:28 am
Members of Echo Explora and students, on Wednesday in Kohima. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent
Kohima, March 4 (EMN):
A group of five cyclists and environmentalists who call themselves “Echo Explora” from Canada are currently  touring around the country with the theme “perseverance, open-mindedness and environmental awareness” in an effort to spread messages on international issues and environmental concerns.

As they travel around various places in the country on their bicycles, the group, who are aged from 28 to 32 years, engages in organising cleanliness campaigns with local communities and different organisations while spreading awareness about clean and safe environments.

Echo Explora comprises Jean-Philippe Dubois, Cynthia Cardin, Audrey-Anne Lefebvre, Vincent Meslage and Francis Dubois.

They were the guest speakers during a seminar that was conducted with the name “international awareness talk on protection of environment’ organised on Wednesday at Mount Olive College in Kohima.

The group spoke about their experiences from their trip and gave views at length during the discourse on protecting the environment.

Briefing the students and faculty members of the college about their trip, Vincent Meslage informed that the group started their journey from December 7 2019 from Singapore covering 16,000 km in 10 months. They reached Kohima on Tuesday with the intention to inspire and influence people to do their bit in keeping their environment healthy and free from waste.

He said that the team first embarked on their journey with the objective of promoting environment cleanliness in 2017 to fundraising of a friend who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. During the year, the group have covered 25 countries while they are currently pursuing their project throughout the Asian region.

Further, another member of the group, Francis Dubois stated that India is the home of 1.3 billion people and it is of vital importance that young people play an active role in protecting and taking care of the environment. The reason is, they can be the solution against pollution that is hampering most people in the society from living healthy lives.

Dubois also displayed one of the bicycles made out of the steel. He explained the need to have basic repair and maintenance kits and supplies that one would need during long trips.

In accordance with ‘perseverance,’ one of the group’s values, Audrey, one of the two female members, emphasised on the ‘little things’ one can contribute to eliminate trash step by step. She cited an example that during the trips, the team encounters different challenges they were not sure they would be facing when they woke up every day but ‘step by step’ with every move they ‘reach their goal.’

Jean said India is a country which is well ‘aware about science.’  He said it is encouraging to learn that people in the Northeast region ‘pick up trash, plant trees and clean rivers.’ He expressed optimism and happiness that people in the region have awareness about environmental issues.

Cynthia Cardin, the other female in the group, also explained how it would take about 500 years for a single plastic bottle to disintegrate. She demonstrated a MSR pumb, a water filter, which can kill bacteria and germs.

Cardin said that the environment-friendly MSR water filter has replaced 16,000 water bottles in their entire trip as per their calculation. She also displayed non-plastic kitchen utensils such as forks, spoons, and bowls etc which they carry for the journey.

The group said if 1000 or 1 million people could pick up trash, then people could make a huge impact in protecting the environment as a community. They also gave ideas on anti-litter campaigns and plantation of trees to preserve the environment.

The team will be heading to Dimapur on Friday morning. They will be attending an environmental event on March 22 where 50,000 trees will be planted, and at Lucknow. The trip will culminate tentatively in October this year at Athens in Greece.

One can check out their updates about their trip on Facebook on their official page “Echo Explora” or follow them on Instagram @Echoexplora.

Dr. Narendra Tiwary, the principal of Mount Olive College, welcoming the five environmentalists and lauded them for impacting life locally and globally to steward and stewardess.  He said the college has drawn inspiration from the team which has come to enlighten the students to take care of the environment.

Tiwary termed the mission of the team ‘adventurous and energetic’ with a motive for ‘safe environment that saves life.’ He said, “service of humanity is service to God” and prayed for the success of the team’s mission.

The principal assured the team that Mount Olive will fulfil their duties by contributing to the cause for protection of the environment.

Members of Echo Explora reached the capital town here on Tuesday afternoon after organising a cleanliness drive at Imphal in Manipur.

On reaching Kohima, the team was received by Neiba Bio, a youth activist who has been hosting them at his home in Nagabazar colony for free.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 05, 2020 12:28:28 am