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Can NIA sort out the Karbi-Naga imbroglio?

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2014 11:12 pm

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]SSAM Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has asked the Central Government for a probe either by the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) or NIA (National Investigation Agency) following the recovery of nine bodies from Pachaspura, near Chumukedima, Dimapur. This recovery directly involved the government of Nagaland in the violence in Karbi Anglong which had so far has been curtailed within Assam’s district.
Both the agencies are capable of carrying out investigations but the NIA has so far scored a dismal record.It has successfully prosecuted only one case ever since it was set up on Jan 18, 2009 following 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.However, since its role is counter-terrorism, its involvement in the Karbi-Rengma imbroglio may be somewhat playing the ace of spades but with no trump. As far as can be ascertained, terrorism has not been the main issue but to do with land occupation, an issue which can only be resolved between the parties involved.
The moot point is communal flare-ups do not occur all of a sudden. They take some time with either proper (or even improper) planning.and enough funding.There are several communities residing in Karbi Anglong and it would not be an exaggeration to deduce involvement of vested political interests directly or indirectly. Who or what these elements are is for the investigating agencies to pin point. But that the violence was in the horizon is an accepted fact by both communities. The situation then begs the question of the role of the Assam government who with all the information did nothing to reverse the brewing tension between the Karbis and the Rengmas in Karbi Anglong.
It has become a habit, nay, fashion to call for a CBI and/or now NIA inquiry when any conflagration occurs between two communities. Better it would be if a common investigation is set up jointly by both the Assam and Nagaland Governments. Surely, we have qualified and committed men and women for the job. Whatever the powers be decide, the sooner the better as the communities concerned have affirmed to maintain age-old ties. But the culprits must be pin-pointed to prevent future tragedies.

By EMN Updated: Jan 16, 2014 11:12:47 pm