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Calls made for resignation of CM, cabinet members and DAN chief

By EMN Updated: Feb 02, 2017 2:34 am

Kohima, Feb.1: Subsequent to the unfortunate events that have developed since January 31 evening, the Angami Public Organisation and the Kohima Ao Union (KAT, on behalf of the Ao Senden) have expressed that they were “extremely pained and aghast” by the action of the government of Nagaland and place their ‘open demand’ to the government To address the issue immediately.

The two organisations demanded that the chief minister, the home minister, all cabinet ministers and chairman of the Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) to own moral responsibility and resign immediately “for the act of murder”. They also demanded that the commissioner of police Dimapur and all officers responsible for killing two innocent Naga youth be immediately placed under suspension; and an independent judicial inquiry should be constituted immediately and guilty officers should be punished in accordance to the law of the land for “shooting innocent Naga youths from behind”.

The joint statement, appended by the KAT president Talitoba Sanglir and APO vice president KT Vilie stated that is an ‘irrefutable fact’ that the state has acted against the will and aspirations of the people and a clear violation of the rights incorporated in Article 371A leading to further betrayal and treachery using the good church.

This, they observed, was done through the (government’s) unilateral abrogation of the January 30 agreement officially signed by NBCC, JCC and the state government.

“As such, far from honouring the pact, the state headed by the chief minister TR Zeliang, has resorted to utilising state sponsored terror, butchering two young promising Naga youth and injured many more who were shot from behind,” the statement read.

The KAT and APO informed that they have resolved to stand committed by this statement, hoping that sanity will prevail.

In addition to the above statement, the APO further demanded the resignation of all Angami legislators from the government, and the resignation of all the Angami women from Naga Mothers’ Association and the Joint Action Committee for Women Reservation or face excommunication from the Angami community.


In a separate press release the Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) has also demanded resignation of Zeliang and the state cabinet members. “The CPO vehemently condemns the worst ever treacherous act committed by the chief minister that in person, calculatedly betraying JCC of the trust reposed on his government in good faith and making mockery of even apex church body- NBCC, under whose initiative tripartite agreement was signed on 30/01/2017.

“The questionable endorsement of tripartite agreement to next day cabinet meeting for final decision, cabinet recommendation to SEC to selectively defer election in some towns and conduct election in others that after ascertaining actual status all over Nagaland and simultaneous court direction same day were meticulously planned out to fool the Naga people up to the last moment,” it stated.

The CPO further stated: “In reiteration of its position that CM and cabinet would be held responsible for any undesirable consequence caused, the CPO now demands immediate resignation of CM, TR Zeliang and his cabinet colleagues.

The message of CPO, it stated, is very clear: “Two precious lives are lost, several injured without certainty of survival, many displaced and fate of Nagaland uncertain because of your untamed ambition, senselessness, visionless and arrogance and you have lost all moral and political right to lead the people now that you stand condemn by the people. No more will people allow you to turn Nagaland into hell”.

The CPO, according to the statement, has no hesitation to point that for the “strong headed and arrogance of JACWR at the behest of NMA” ULB elections is being pushed to the point beyond limit and whether they withdraw their SLP now or later, the damage caused is proven beyond immediate recovery as the loss of precious 2 lives (as of now) cannot be retrieved by such withdrawal.

“They are no less responsible than state government and as matter of fact they had initiated and aggravated the prevailing situation without least botheration of consequence to come. Their obsession with 33% reservation has seemingly overridden the significance of Art 371A thereby turning the entire state into killing field. Unless congenial situation is created and unless the demand of Naga people is fulfilled JACWR should also be prepared to face consequence of their own creation.”

It also stated: “While almost all civil societies/tribal hohos in Nagaland are resolutely protesting against ULB Election in present form, some tribal hohos have openly supported this election against the stand of the former. The CPO holds strong view and put into record that unified tribal bodies/hohos should henceforth withdraw solidarity and cooperation to those tribal hohos.”

By EMN Updated: Feb 02, 2017 2:34:46 am