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Call for equality, mutual respect mark Women’s Day in Dimapur

By Our Reporter Updated: Mar 07, 2020 11:04 pm
Singrijan/khoponala women folk present a song at the International Women’s Day celebration on March 7 in Dimapur.

Our Reporter
Dimapur, March 7 (EMN):
Miqlat Ministry, a social ministry under the aegis of the Nagaland Baptist Church Council, celebrated International Women’s Day with the theme ‘An equal world is an enabled world’ in collaboration with Seluophe/Singrijan and Khopanala village councils, and churches, youths and students organisations on March 7 in Dimapur.

Zhaleo Rio, the advisor for Sericulture, Excise and Minority Affairs, spoke during the occasion as the event’s special guest. He urged the people to work together as equal partners as ‘today is the day to give recognition to woman for their achievement and to promote gender equality.’

Rio said woman have the potential ‘in many fields and they are second to none.’ He advised the participants to take forward and implement whatever they have learned during the five days of workshop focusing on self-sustainable livelihood.

He quoted from the Bible scriptures that men and women are equal in the eyes of God, and stated that when they work together nothing is impossible.

In other matters, Rio urged the gathering to be educated on the aspects of human trafficking. He opined that the main reasons behind human trafficking are poverty and lack of education, especially among women and children.

Further, the advisor said that in the context of Nagaland, women nowadays are doing better than men in many fields. Even in the competitive examinations women are performing well. He added that women are dedicated in their work unlike men who can be casual in their work.

The legislator also talked about morals. He said the moral character of a child depends on women. Likewise, even the economy of a family depends on them. If a family is good, he said, the society also will be a good society. He urged the gathering to compete in doing good and to work together in order for them to move forward.

‘Do not give money to the poor. Instead give them infrastructure so that they will work and earn a living,’ he said.

Also, church leader Rev. Dr Wati Aier said when men, women and children are together, the world becomes a better. He added that today they will celebrate women’s day but they must not forget it when they reach home, so that it becomes a success story and bring benefits to the society.

‘You and I can unite and make the world a gender equal world,’ he said. Aier spoke about respecting and honouring one another. He told the gathering that they cannot look back and move forward. People need to change their mindset, he said as talking is not enough ‘but intentionally they must change.’

Further, Aier said men must empower their women and sisters. He urged women to believe in heir selves and grow, and to accept and affirm themselves as special as God created them special. He advised the men to be responsible people, and that domestic violence must be stopped. He urged the gathering to spread public awareness about domestic violence. ‘Not protecting their women folk is like not protection their daughter,’ he said.

In his short speech, the chairman of Seluope village council Wepfute Chirhah acknowledged the Miglat Ministry for promoting their village through the event and requested the ministry to organise more such events in the future.

Likewise, the head GB of Singrijan/Khopanala village council Tezu Pradhan said in his short speech that it has been 100 years since international women’s day is being celebrated but ‘it is first of a kind being celebrated in the village.’

In the earlier days, women were confined only to kitchens but things are changing, Pradhan said. In today’s world, women stand toe-to-toe with men in every field and can compete with anyone, the gathering was told. 

The village council hall of Seluophe was inaugurated by Zhaleo Rio. The programme also featured a spring-themed festival that had stalls, music and cultural presentations.

By Our Reporter Updated: Mar 07, 2020 11:04:23 pm