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C-Edge’s students meet with demographic economics

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2017 10:57 pm

Dimapur, June 9 (EMN) :A guest lecture on the topic “global social economic trends” was delivered today at a Dimapur college, C-Edge College. A press release from the organisers on Friday informed that the students and faculty from the Management Studies and Economics department attended the event.
According to the updates, the guest speaker was Benjamin Ng, stated to be a social entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas, US. Said to be a former strategic business consultant from Ernst & Young, the speaker talked about how the national economy would be affected by the size of the working population and the average productivity of workers, the press release stated.
Ng broke down for the gathering the concept of size of working population to population growth; workers’ population and immigration; average productivity of workers to the education system; technology and innovation, capital investment and the market system, among others.
Further, he gave detailed references to the economy of USA, Europe, China and India. He encouraged the students to work hard and get their ‘hands dirty’–which means to do manual, menial or other hard physical work instead of staying unemployed, the press release stated.
The lecture ended with an interactive session during which students and faculty members raised questions related to the topic as well as to the guest speaker’s professional experiences.
“This guest lecture session is one of the many sessions that are held regularly at the college so that the students as well as the faculty will get the international exposure from external resource persons to broaden their knowledge and minds,” the update stated.

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2017 10:57:17 pm