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Businesses warned against unfair trade

By EMN Updated: Nov 29, 2013 12:25 am

Dimapur, November 28

A local consumer group based in Dimapur town has asked business establishments to “exercise restraint” and “avoid unfair means in the name of the festivities.” Likewise, the organization, called the Consumer Society Dimapur District asked district authorities to crackdown on illegal trade practices by the town’s business community during the season.
On the same note, the organization has asked the public, the consumers, to know what their rights are and to exercise it in dealing with unscrupulous businessmen. The Consumer Society Dimapur District issued a press release today stating to spread awareness about ‘consumer rights in view of the festive season’.The organization has urged the authorities in concern to extend their “full support” to the efforts to protect the rights of consumers in the district. The authorities must cooperate for the welfare of the public “especially during the festive season and to crackdown on sale of adulterated goods and commodities in and around Dimapur District as well as extend their cooperation towards the society in protecting the rights of the consumers,” the Consumer Society Dimapur District said in their press release.
The consumer organization expressed concern for the rights of consumers in the district “especially in the light of the festive season.” The organization has “cautioned has cautioned the business community to exercise restraint and avoid unfair means in the name of the festivities.”
While not directly accusing the business community, the organization reminded that festivals such as “Durga Puja, Diwali” always see discounts and incentives. “While on occasion such as Durga Puja, Diwali and other festivities, certain discounts are offered to consumers on various goods, but sadly such discounts are rare and instead the business tends to raise the prices of various good and commodities which add to the suffering of the general public.”
The public in general are also to be vigilant and exercise their rights as consumers. The business establishments are told by the organization that “consumer is king” and that “consumer is always right.” ‘Individuals, shops, vendors or sellers’ are cautioned gained indulging in any form of ‘adulteration, misrepresentation and to stop tampering with the price of goods and commodities.” The businesses must sell their goods according to the Maximum Retail Price or ‘MRP.’
“Any person indulging in such practice practices will be dealt with according to the relevant provisions of the law. The public should also know their duties and responsibilities as consumers by applying their rational mind while buying goods and commodities and inform the Consumer Society Dimapur District for complaints in this regard,” the organization said.
Consumers are asked to address their complaints to the organization. Its office is in Millennium Building, near the Durga Mandir. The numbers 9436261538 and 9856569790 may be contacted for complaints.

By EMN Updated: Nov 29, 2013 12:25:14 am