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WC, NNPG Leaders’ Commentary On The Recent Past, Principles of Justice and Hope

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 Contd. from previous issue…

Nagas Needed Inner Healing Not Cosmetic Makeup:

WC, NNPGs was clear that the only key to a logical political solution is an honest   and practical dialogue by way of consultation within the Naga tribes, civil societies and intellectuals, then negotiate with the Government of India (GoI), based on Naga history and right. Though an excruciatingly painful and suspicious exercise in a highly fragmented Naga society, we proposed and promised transparency and honesty before God and our people. We pledged the same within WC. This was our guiding  principle and light. Along the way neighbouring communities, deeply wounded by IM group in the past, responded positively to NNPGs position on Indo-Naga talks. India’s political leadership too acknowledged the importance of tribal Hohos and GBs, the voice of village elders, intellectual groups, former parliamentarians and retired bureaucrats. The less said the better for some remote controlled floating organisations and forums marketing IMs cosmetics. 

Solidarity to Struggling Peoples and Nations:

WC,NNPGs solidarity towards struggling peoples and nations around the globe  will continue, however, as a responsible negotiating entity, it goes against the spirit of political talks to indulge in veiled threats and actions, inviting friendly non-state actors to speak the language of violence in Naga soil. We aim to restore Naga identity and history through negotiations and unless forced to respond in defence of our people and land, we believe violence will not solve political issues. We respect Khalistani and Tamil peoples’ aspirations but at this crucial juncture, Naga people want more of GoI leadership, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, to show sincerity and fulfil commitment given to the Nagas. 

 Selective Condemnation:

Today, NSCN IM says NNPGs Status Paper is a re-edited version of Sixteen Point Agreement of 26th July, 1960, calling it treachery, betrayal for which they will not be a part of. They informed GoI and WC, NNPGs to go ahead and sign the agreement without them. Incidentally, this is the same group which earlier tried to spread word through their network saying Status Paper of NNPGs is plagiarised GoI-IM document. Factually, Sixteen point Agreement and all preceding Indo-Naga political agreements took place long before their entry and  enrolment to the Naga political struggle, right or wrong it is not theirs to adjudicate. Is it in their DNA to condemn all Naga issue related agreements except those signed by Mr. Th. Muivah?

If Sixteen Point Agreement is a treachery, in Twenty five years of ceasefire and talks, what have they given the Nagas? Let NSCN IM first condemn Ralengnao ‘Bob’ Khathing Tangkhul (1912-1990), an Indian politician, for his role as a drafting committee member on Sixteen Point Agreement. Let NSCN IM first condemn Rungsang Suisa Tangkhul (1907-1971), an Indian politician, for the treachery and betrayal with his ‘Suisa Proposal’. Selective condemnations, attacks on distinguished personalities of Nagaland state cannot go on. We do not intend to destroy Nagaland nor allow others to do so with guns. Naga National principle has been misused as a licence to kill all those who offer sane advice. Naga vision is higher than this. We cannot surrender to a sinister policy at play. We believe our southern Naga brothers and sisters in Manipur, also from present Nagaland state enrolled at Hebron Camp, although many given top assignments, too understands how and why solution has eluded Nagas till date.

 Southern Naga Conundrum:

Southern Naga IM leaders enjoy Indian elections to the hilt, participating and propping up their kith and kin unabashedly. They squeeze and thwart  Nagaland’s economic progress, feeling no shame, pain or remorse. In Manipur Naga districts, they do so with greater power, control and aggression. Actually, are they not enjoying the fruit of Sixteen Point Agreement from Hebron camp? Peel, flesh and seed of the very agreement they swallow, yet condemn! Where is the Naga national principle? In their agreed 2011 Ceasefire ground rules copy, there is a clause which says the CF agreement will, in no way, disturb the territorial integrity of Manipur state. The  Leadership have repeatedly admitted that whatever negotiations they have concluded and any agreement between them and GOI will be within Indian constitution. Further, in many consultations with state Govt. Mr. Th. Muivah has agreed that all mutually agreed competencies must be incorporated in the Indian constitution lest GoI backtract on her commitment as in the past. It would be fair for them to produce the draft of their so-called Yehzabo (constitution) whether they plan to use it in Manipur or elsewhere. Let them also reveal the agreed proposals, the political structure, the blueprint of utilisation of tribal Naga lands and its resources, without which, “Sharing of sovereign power” is too loose a term having forfeited Integration. Overwhelming number of IM leaders and followers are under geography and population of Manipur state and it will remain so as per their desire. This truth to will not be brushed aside. Nagaland state on the other hand, as a federating state, already is endowed with distinct sovereign power over land and resources, customary laws and traditions etc. The “Agreed Position”, reaffirmed and reinvigorated historical, political and administrative vacuum and loopholes inherited from past agreements and will remove all impediments in the future.

 Realistically, unless the whole southern Naga populace, physically led by Manipur Naga elected representatives at all levels, bureaucrats, tribal bodies, civil societies etc. declare publicly, openly and unequivocally, either peacefully or violently, exhibit a mass movement and come forward to integrate with present Nagaland state and tribes, the philosophical and sentimental narrative and desire for integration is a mere tool for economic and political benefits of the few. Nagas of Nagaland can only do so much unless southern Nagas get down and dirty and not the other way around. We cannot play accommodative sentimental politics anymore. We must create a practical and pragmatic political and social structure an environment for younger Naga generations. The world will neither wait for impractical Nagas nor sleepwalking Nagas.

The Hope and Desire:

On WC’s “AGREED POSITION” signed with GoI on 17th Nov. 2017, and  subsequent status paper now with the people, today we want to convey to IM leaders loud and clear that it is a judiciously consulted document of Naga tribes and intellectuals, an unprecedented transparent position for Nagas in Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, also duly briefed and in the knowledge of our neighbouring communities. WC, NNPGs, as a Naga entity, has concluded talks with GoI and if IM Negotiators feel dissatisfied on any issue, they, as another Naga entity in dialogue, may approach GoI and air their displeasure and not point finger at WC,NNPGs. IM talked with GoI trusting their own philosophy while WC simply sought the advice of Naga tribes, apex civil bodies,  intellectuals, heard them out and collected their views and formulated the people’s demand and negotiated with GoI. We believe, this time, WC, NNPGs have not failed the Nagas anywhere. 





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