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Brooklyn Nine-Nine star to take over role of MCU’s female Ghost Rider?

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Oct 18, 2020 3:26 pm
Credit: Marvel Comics.

Dimapur, Oct. 18 (EMN): It is no secret that Marvel Studios wants to bring the character, Ghost Rider, into the shared Marvel cinematic universe with additional reports suggesting that Marvel are considering to introduce a female Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider is a Marvel superhero whose head turns into a flaming skull and rides a fiery motorcycle. The first superhero Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, debuted in Marvel Spotlight issue #5 in August 1972. Since then multiple people have taken the mantle of the Ghost Rider, including a Nicaraguan woman named Alejandra Jones.

According to a report by Giant Freakin Robot, Stephanie Beatriz, best known for her role as Detective Rosa Diaz in the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is in contention to take up the role of the female Ghost Rider. If Marvel is considering to take the direction of the story arch of Alejandra Jones, then it is exciting to think that they want Beatriz for the role.

Credit: Netflix

Of course, we don’t have concrete proof yet and this is not the first time that she has been linked to play a superhero. She was reportedly on the short list to star in She-Hulk before Tatiana Maslany landed the gig, and was also a candidate to replace Ruby Rose following her departure from the CW’s Batwoman.

But, it would be interesting to see what Beatriz could bring to the table if she takes up the mantle. Marvel is pushing for more diversity in their future projects and has already announced that Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster would wield the Mjolnir as the female Thor in Marvel’s upcoming Thor Love and Thunder.

There are also rumours that Keanu Reeves could play as Johnny Blaze, the male version of the Ghost Rider. Is Marvel going to bring not one but two Ghost Riders into the MCU? This theory could happen or it may not but it is certainly an interesting “What if moment” for Marvel fans to dwell upon.

Ghost Rider’s first live-action movie was 2007’s Ghost Rider starring Nicholas Cage. The movie was a mild success by today’s standards but with Marvel’s penchant for making blockbusters out of the MCU, a re-imagined Ghost Rider film could be the next jackpot the studio was looking for.

By Tekato Longkumer Updated: Oct 18, 2020 3:26:01 pm