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Bride of Horn Bill

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You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is hatred towards God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.  James 4:4


Ambrose J. Chakre


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Horn Bill festival ever since its existence has grown more in corruption and promiscuity. It is an unlicensed festival which will soon be wiped out and destroyed by the fire of God’s wrath in the day of Christ’ final war against sin and unholiness. The notion is that since it is a secular festival her ways will not be Christ like, rather it will be self seeking and unruly as the world is. This unwanted festival has done more harm than good and it will be wise for the sinners not to multiply their sins by linking their hearts to it. The Tourism Department had not been too happy with the earlier articles I wrote against it.The articles titled Festival of sins and Horned by the Horn Bill had not been to their liking and it never will be. On the contrary it had not been written to please them but the prime purpose of it was to expose the evils of it to the people of the world. This is what it is and we write in the truth to expose the evils of it which are hidden within the veils of Horn Bill. The truth is secular minded sinners will try to justify it by stating the temporal secular developments that are associated with it. The point is this: Intellectual sins will be accounted for intellectual sins and spiritual sins will be accounted for spiritual sins. Just as it is it will be judged as it is. To make my point clear, I state in Christ’ authority that Horn Bill is a festival of the world and it will be wise for the loved members of the Church of Christ not to go near it or even to think of it. Whatever is detestable is detestable and in all truth we damn all the evils which are associated with it. This is what the world is and the sinners who loves the world cannot love Christ. We must be certain of this and our faith must be based on what we believe. The world and its desires will pass away is a spiritual statement of God and it will be more sensible for the people of God to do the will of God than to go to Horn Bill. Horn Bill exist because it was destined to exist and the sinners who are also destined for hell will be in it because of their illicit association with sin and the world. Mark this: the Church cannot love the world and Christ at the same time; neither can we love God whole heartedly when our minds are not completely with Christ. I tell you this, the world will not accept this truth powered statement and whoever is of the world will join the world in her unbelief and in her adulterous affair with the world.
I know you will not like me for saying this but whatever is bad has to be out rightly dammed. The report came some years ago of the collection of something numbering around one hundred fifty which meant that they had to go home without it after doing it. This is how high the sins are and it is evident from what we see. It is also to be noted that the spirits of Sodom and Gomorrah are now randomly at work to lay claim of the soul of sinners who are still enslaved to sin.
On the street that leads to it we see the sons and daughters of different mothers and fathers pleasuring each other to sin in unholiness and unrighteousness. It is sad to say that they are Christians yet sinners, baptized yet uncovered. If this is the nature of them now what will become of them in the future. Sadly we sin without thinking of the consequences and in the aftermath of our sins we regret, weep and cry. This is just it and it is just it. Sinners who sins during Horn Bill and goes to hell will clearly and torturously remember how the pleasures of Horn Bill was like and how they were deceived by it. The righteous truth is, it is an unrighteous festival and the evils of it will only impregnate numerous sinners who goes there. And the Word of Truth states “ Woe to the world because of the things which causes people to sin! Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come (Matthew 18:7 ).
The Word is crystal clear about the condemnation of the wicked and it is our desire to let the wicked forsake their wicked ways and yes even Horn Bill. The truth is whoever is a bride of the world will share in her naughty sins but whoever is of Christ will be staunchly committed to God in love, in Truth and in the Holy Spirit. We are the Bride, the Church and the Wife of Christ and we must not allow any sin to enter us lest we be judged because of our unrighteous sins. Just as God is holy we must be holy. Holy in words, thoughts and deeds.
And in regard to Horn Bill it is a sin polluted festival and it will be wise not to send our sons and daughters to Horn Bill lest they indulge in it and share in her sins. It is their spirits and souls that we care for and if you are with us you will understand what we mean. We want you to think of it as we do and live in the complete ways of God. This sacred article is written not for social or political reasons but for spiritual and eternal reasons to educate the uneducated intellectuals in the ways of Spirit and Truth. It is clear… “ Not everyone can accept this word, but only to those whom it had been given ( Matthew 19:11 ) ( Emphasis added ). This is an investment worth smiling for and the salvation of the sinners will give us more reasons to smile in this life and most importantly in the age that is to come. The climax of what I write will certainly fulfill the purpose of what was started. Not every one will be against this ; “neither will everyone accept this.
But whoever tries to justify Horn Bill will be in danger of the fires of hell. Hate Horn Bill and think not to gratify the desires of the sinful nature with the world and Horn Bill. It is just too bad and it will be terribly bad if sinners are to call evil good and good evil. This is the pronounced judgment against it “ Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter ( Isaiah 5:20). We reckon every sinner to forsake sin and be reconciled with the truth. Horn Bill is just a distance away and the ways of it are wide and broad (Matthew 7:13). It is where you choose to go which will determine where you spend eternity. We just want you to come to the way of truth and we care for your spirits and souls as much as we care for your salvation. Trust this, think of the Word and be connected to Christ. This is an investment for the future and we care for your future. God loves the Church of Christ.

The writer is the Founder President of Ambrose Foundation in Christ Ministries Kohima Nagaland

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