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Break in auto rickshaw organization: rebels “dissolve” DDADU

By EMN Updated: Feb 13, 2015 11:23 pm

Staff Reporter
Dimapur, February 13

A number of auto drivers claiming to represent ‘all the 19 recognized parking areas’ in Dimapur from 5th mile, on Friday informed to have dissolved the Dimapur District Auto rickshaw Drivers’ Union “to have effective functioning of the union.” The development is understood to be fallout from the Dimapur authorities’ recent order reducing fares of the auto rickshaws after years of public outcry.
A small group of auto rickshaw drivers met at the Dimapur stadium following the reduction of auto rickshaw fares since the drastic fall of petrol prices. During the gathering, the auto drivers representing the stated parking areas in the district resolved to ‘disqualify the present president of Dimapur District Auto Drivers Union and also dissolve the organization.
The drivers asserted that a new election to lead the organization will be conducted and that the new president of the organization “will be an auto driver in order to have an effective functioning of the union.”
The auto drivers interacted with media persons on Friday. They lamented that the cut in fares were “directed only to autos” which they claimed was not fair ‘while the fares of taxis, buses and other transport means that uses the same petrol and diesels were left untouched.’
The auto drivers said that no other tax will be paid apart from the Dimapur Municipal Council’s taxes as no major changes for the “welfare of the union” have been taken place in spite of the fact that the auto rickshaw drivers ‘pay at least Rs. 100 a day.’ They also complained that till date no proper drinking tape or urine shed have been constructed in any parking areas till date.
Also, auto drivers plying the Dhobinala-to-Thaekhu stretch of road claimed that the pathetic road conditions have ‘always been maintained by the members itself as it has been left untouched by the concerned department.’
They claimed that ‘more than 5 lakhs have been spent in leveling the roads’ while regular social works are being organized by the ‘members itself.’ The members notified that till no proper changes are taken place, the agitations will continue.

By EMN Updated: Feb 13, 2015 11:23:11 pm