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Boundary dispute between Purana Bazaar-Bokajan settled

By EMN Updated: Mar 04, 2014 11:26 pm


The boundary dispute involving Purana Bazaar Village and Purana Bazaar ‘B’ (Bokajan) village was finally settled between the two villages at a joint council meeting held on March 3, 2014. Basing on the statement of head GB of both villages, it was found that the Sugar Mill Nullah had been the traditional boundary between the two villages and it was agreed upon and signed by the authority of the two villages that the Sugar Mill Nullah would remain the boundary and the two villages would abide by the signed agreement.
The agreement was signed by Khagen Mech head GB, Purana Bazaar ‘B’, L. Temjen, council chairman, Purana Bazaar ‘B’, Ripunjoy, GB Purana Bazaar ‘B’ and Pitu Mech, head GB, Purana Bazaar village.The boundary dispute came to light when Purana Bazaar ‘B’ (Bokajan) village claimed that a plot of land belonging to one Dr. Akato Awomi falls under Purana Bazaar ‘B’ (Bokajan) village. However, with an agreement reached between two parties, Dr. Akato’s remain under Purana Bazaar village.
Following various publications in local dailies and filing of complain in the Village Council by Dr. Akato Awomi, the Purana Bazaar Village Council summoned the GBs and council members of Purana Bazaar ‘B’ (Bokajan) on March 3 wherein a joint meeting meet was necessitated in the council hall of Purana Bazaar Village.
In this regard, the Purana Bazaar village council has informed the Purana Bazaar “B’ (Bokajan) village not disturb Dr. Akato Awomi as the plot belonging to him falls under the jurisdiction of Purana Bazaar village.

By EMN Updated: Mar 04, 2014 11:26:38 pm