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Bordered Differences: “Envisaging a Naga Path”

By EMN Updated: Jan 06, 2018 11:15 pm

By Asangba Tzudir | EMN

Ingrained in a unique history and identity, as a Naga peoples’ …
Down a beautiful memory lane, there’s a Naga path,
Almost forgotten to the brink of oblivion.
It lays waiting, to embrace and assert,
With dignity and integrity.

Nagas, all across the borders,
A peoples’ Identity finds threatened,
From ‘who’ we were and what we’ve become …
Traversing a trajectory where all sense of existence finds lost.
Lest we become “imagined communities”?

From ‘culturing of knowledge’ to ‘bordering of cultures’
The bells of ‘violence’ rings loud,
Our own greed incites hatred and creates enmity.
Its shackles have strangulated a meaningful living
For love and peace and unity find under siege.

The Naga path tells us to revisit and recreate anew,
A unified purpose, with no ‘borders’,
Where there’s no hatred, only love,
Where there are no differences, only acceptance
And heal the fragmented existence.

Let every Naga come together as a people,
And speak the language of tolerance, peace and unity and oneness.
The cost of a little ‘sacrifice’, in flesh and in spirit,
Of accommodating ‘bordered ‘differences,
The day beckons, to enjoy the fruits of shared belongingness.

We are at a threshold
Behold! the ‘coming’ Naga community,
Where, on the rim of each rising sun,
Every proud Naga will live
As ‘ONE’ without ‘borders.’

By EMN Updated: Jan 06, 2018 11:15:39 pm