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Border clashes wake up call for DAN govt: Cong

By EMN Updated: Aug 18, 2014 12:23 am


THE Nagaland Congress today said the recent border clashes in Ralan area of Wokha district and the resultant blockade against Nagaland by various organisations in Assam is a cause of serious concern for the Nagas, particularly the DAN government, and a call to wake up from its reverie.
The NPCC, in a release issued by its Media Cell, said the people are faced with a grave situation posed by illegal immigrants deliberately settled along the disputed border areas by the Assam government to create a ‘buffer zone’ while the indiscriminate attempt by various organisations in Assam to enforce blockade even at the slightest provocation has generated enough turbulence on the age-old relations between the two states.
It said the illegal immigrants settled along the disputed border areas are getting emboldened day by day to the extent of even foraying into our lands. Faced with the predicament of immigrants even forming an armed wing to further their interests, the state Congress said the State government has to provide enough security along the border areas to safeguard the rights and lives of its citizens who should not be left to fend for themselves against the onslaught of illegal immigrants.
“While attempting every effort to avoid indulging in blame game on the border clashes, the timid response of the DAN government when the situation in Ralan area went out of control since August 12 is being questioned as the same DAN government on July 21 had used strong arm tactics against its own people in silencing the protest of the Kyong Students Union volunteers against the inauguration of oil exploration at Changpang by the Chief Minister that was awarded to a certain company called MO&GPL under dubious circumstances,” the Congress connected.
The NPCC said going by the recent incidents of Dimapur bandh called by NFHRCC on June 30 and the imposition of Section 144 CrPC in Changpang areas on July 21 to thwart the peaceful protest of the Kyong students, the State government can only indulge in using state police forces against its own people rather than protect them.
The statement of the Home Minister and after actions taken by the State government on Ralan clashes portrays the cluelessness and callous attitude of the DAN government in confronting issues of public importance that has far reaching consequences for generations to come, it said.
The indifference of the DAN government is further substantiated when a sitting DAN legislator had even questioned the Chief Minister for remaining silent on this issue, the NPCC said.
“The NPCC is also baffled by the appalling silence of NGOs and civil societies barring few in extending solidarity to the people of Ralan area,” the release stated adding that while most of our NGOs and civil societies tend to overreact on outside issues that are beyond their domain, the plight of our own people within the State especially along the border areas has been reduced to a non issue leaving only the affected people to fight their own battle.

By EMN Updated: Aug 18, 2014 12:23:47 am