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Books on learning disabilities released

By EMN Updated: Nov 18, 2014 12:18 am

Our Correspondent
Kohima, November 17

Director of State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT), Vipralhou Kesiezie today stressed on the need for making serious attempts to promote literature and document the oral history passed on by the forefathers. He made this emphasis while releasing two books entitled “Learning Disabilities, Identification, Remedies and Teaching Strategies” and “A complete guide book on Psycholgical Bases of Education” authored by Associate Professor of Kohima College Kohima, Dr. Bweyunle Khing at DUDA Guest House here.
Expressing that Naga society is over dependent on the oral history passed on by the forefathers, he feared that a time can come that the oral history will be lost if it is not documented and published in a book form.
He said that Nagas in general have a long way to go in the field of literature, as very few take up writing as a profession. Nagas are lazy in writing and poor in reading habits, he said.
The Director also maintained that in order to make the Naga society knowledgeable, we have to promote reading and writing habits. He also said that Nagas have to start publishing literature, be it in English and own dialect as this would help the younger generation.
Further, Kesiezie also emphasized on the need for Naga writers to come together and form a society so as to attract more writers.
Lauding the efforts of the author in releasing two books relevant to teacher trainees, students and scholars, he hoped that the books would be beneficial.
The author, Dr. B. Khing in her speech said that the first book would be helpful for BA, B. Ed, MA, M.Ed, Degree students and research scholars, universities in India while the second would be useful for BA Degree Course of Nagaland University.
She also said that the motive behind publishing the books is not for any monetary benefit but to help the students and teachers.
The programme chaired by Head of Department English, Kohima College, Anungla Kevichusa commenced with Executive Secretary CRBC Zunpha Tseminyu, Haiwato Apon sayg the invocation. Abu Khing enchanted the gathering with special number while Additional Director RD Hilo Semp tendered the vote of thanks and Pastor of Rengma Baptist Church Kohima, Dr. Kenny Tsela pronounced the benediction.

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