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Book titled ‘Wounded Tiger: The papers of Khodao Yanthan’ released

By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 18, 2017 10:32 pm

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Dimapur, August 18 (EMN): A book titled ‘Wounded tiger: The papers of Khodao Yanthan,’ written by Fr. Abraham Lotha was released on Friday at Elim Hall of the Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo (DABA), Dimapur.
The book gives an overview of Yanthan’s life and work. The book, in the words of the author, presents for the first time a collection of his previously unpublished papers.
In the words of Dr. Lanusangla Tzudir, chief editor and publisher of the Heritage Publication House, the book portrayed vanguard of Naga history. The book was his fourth editions in a series.
The book’s title was derived from Yanthan’s own expression- “The Nagas must fight and struggle like a wounded tiger in defence of the sovereign Nagaland (letter from Khodao Yanthan to the countrymen of Nagaland dated November 16, 1989),” acknowledged Lotha.
The book presented reproductions of the original papers that Khodao wrote in the mid 1960’s as well as other historical documents that he gathered since 1947. The original documents and personal papers are an archive of primary source material for Naga nationalism studies presented the author Lotha.
Lotha said the value of the book is to understand Naga leaders, their philosophy especially on Naga identity and their struggle for the Nagas.
“In Naga society we have many leaders’ especially political leaders, but we are without any statesman,’ the author said.
The author detailed that his book was divided into four parts- part one introduction presents the heart of a Naga patriot Khodao, who lived in London for nearly forty years, labouring on behalf of Naga independence and cause of the Naga people. Part two presents Khodao’s archival in defence of Naga sovereignty, also part three and four contains the personal correspondence and ‘notes from an elder’ and interviews of Khodao.
Controller of examination Nagaland University, Dr. Abemo Odyuo, launching the fourth book of Lotha remarked that the book is based on the life and service of the ‘unsung hero,’ who spend his life for the cause of the Nagas.
“The whole of his life appears to be enlightening and inspiring for the Nagas’ for generation to come,” concluded Dr. Odyuo.
“Wounded Tiger” is an overview of Khodao Yanthan’s life and work, one of the central founding fathers of the Naga independence movement in the 20th century. The book is important especially in the context of the Naga political history which also contains original source materials.

By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 18, 2017 10:32:28 pm