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Book on Nagaland economy by Yelhi Vero released

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 12, 2018 12:08 am
Dr. Aküm Longchari (left) and Dr. Yelhi Vero (right) releasing the book ‘Nagaland Economy: Its elementary features’ in Dimapur on Tuesday.

Dimapur, Sep. 11: A book titled “Nagaland economy: Its elementary features,” written by Dr. Yelhi Vero was released on Tuesday at Hotel Acacia in Dimapur.

Unveiled by Dr. Aküm Longchari, publisher of The Morung Express, the book contains the basic features of Nagaland economy such as natural resources, demography, infrastructure, economic development, human development, structural change, agricultural, and industrial development.

Dr. Vero said that there is no compact book that defines Nagaland economy which is why he felt the need to bring out one. He thinks it will come handy for the teachers, students, scholars, policy planners, and competitive exam aspirants.

According to the author, Nagaland economy is one of the least developed among the states in the Indian union though it is in progress for more than 50 years since its statehood.

“Nagaland is basically an agrarian economy as the livelihood of the majority depends on primary sector, which is predominantly agriculture. Yet, the statistics show that the major income of the people is from tertiary sector which mainly constitutes the services in the organized public sector,” he explained while asserting that the secondary sector, which is supposed to play a very significant role in the economy, continued to be stagnant over the years. “This scenario shows the weak economic background of the state,” he added.

Dr. Vero also said that the book deals with the changing demographic pattern in Nagaland, which according to him, is giving scope for positive measures towards climate change since the urban population is increasing at a very fast rate.

He said that migration of youths to urban areas after completion of their studies has led to abandoning of many cultivated land in rural areas.

“This situation leads to the reduction of jhum and terrace fields. Therefore, the abandoned land can now be used to develop forest which will be able to fight against the climate change,” he emphasised.

Dr. Vero lauded the Artworks Kohima for the design and layout of the book and Dr. Longchari for his contribution towards the success of his work.

It may be mentioned that the author had published a book titled “Economic growth and human development in Nagaland” in 2016.

Dr. Longchari said at the book launch event that, “Nagaland is a land of many republic with supra structure of villages, where agriculture is the back bone of the economy.” He added that “there is a need to increase the structure of security apparatus for law and order and a need for a paradigm shift in the economy of Nagaland.”

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